Your weekend is definitely in need of some great new songs, and we have a stellar collection right here. Alt rock, punk, dream pop, shoegaze… pick your poison! Learn more about the bands and give their new tunes a listen.

The Royal Foundry – “Little High, Little Low”

Another stellar single from The Royal Foundry – killer mellow vocals through the verses and then a big energy payoff in the chorus that will stick in your head long after it’s done. This song is sure to sound great live. From the Band: “The LP’s healing title track sheds light onto the emotions we all face on a day to day, hidden or not, and helps normalize the importance of mental health. To experience the highs and lows in life is a given but what’s even more important is learning how to handle them before you get handled. To recognize your mental health as the most important aspect of your being and to take time to nurture yourself, to take time and get the healing you need, has to be a priority.”

The Over Unders – “Rhonda”

Killer alt-rock tune here – the driving beat, catchy vocals, and accessible sound make it a track you’ll want to listen to over and over. From the Band: “Rhonda conveys the indecision, insecurity and disillusionment principal songwriter and frontman Sam Hellman faced last Fall before quitting his job amidst growing sales burnout to finally pursue a career in music. The song’s passionate vocal delivery and battle-like drum cadence metaphorically paint the scene of Sam’s internal strife while the lyrics “All that I’ve Made is In Retrograde” tell it more plainly. Surprisingly, the song ends with hope, opening the door for happier tunes to come soon”

Kat Koan & the Lost Soulds – “Lost Souls”

Gritty alt-rock with a powerful message from this German band – it takes the best of riot grrrl sounds from the 90s and modernizes them for ’22. From the Band: “‘Lost Souls’ sees Kat Koan and her new band ‘The Lost Souls’, strike a powerful message in a dizzy explosion of modern rock and roll, with nods to 90s Riot Grrrl sensibilities. Kat says: “LOST SOULS is essentially a song about the urge to grab life by the horns. There are always a million reasons why it’s easier to go with the flow, accept the status quo, keep your mouth shut and stop fighting for dreams. During the lockdowns I realised that I had spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, looking for excuses for procrastination and waiting for miracles to happen – until one day I snapped out of it and stopped waiting for luck to fall into my lap. We are our own lucky stars. Life is more fun when we live it instead of merely existing and drifting with the tide. I’m excited about this song – and the other songs on the album – as we stuck to the initial pact we made, to not follow trends or try to please, but to keep it 100% real and raw, and non-air-brushed so to speak, moving away from over-produced polished sounds and injecting lots of emotion, personality, attitude and grit.”

Don’t Believe in Ghosts – “This is Paradise”

Big energy and big sound for this latest single from Don’t Believe in Ghosts – this super catchy track can also be found on the new TV show, WeCrashed. From the Band: “With their latest single, Don’t Believe in Ghosts explores optimism in the face of difficulty and hopes to lift people with their infectious melodies. “This song is about the mental pitfalls of self-doubt and pushing yourself till you finally crack,” explains lead singer Steven Nathan. The lyrics in “This Is Paradise” follow the idea of losing your mind, yet coming to terms with this lack of control. Intense guitar riffs are interspersed with electric synth chords to have listeners hooked from beginning to end. “Don’t give energy to the ghosts of your past,” says Nathan when describing the meaning behind the band’s name, “Worrying about what other people may think can be draining and debilitating.” The band amplifies this theme throughout their music with an unapologetic and boisterous sound that demands your attention. “This Is Paradise” is a creative collaboration of the four band members, headed by the writing and mixing production of Steven Nathan. The track was co-written by Morgan Rose from the rock band SEVENDUST. “This Is Paradise” was mastered by 4-time Grammy nominee Stephen Marcussen, who has worked with musicians such as The Strokes, Bruno Mars, and Nirvana.” 

Little Destroyer – “hitman”

We’ve got another alt-punk track from Vancouver’s Little Destroyer up next – this one offers the grit and in-your-face power we come to expect from the band, and it’s well worth a listen. From the Band: “With its drilling guitar riffs and pummeling bass line, ‘Hitman’ underscores the group’s signature brooding, punk style. A powerful explosion of pent-up fury and suppressed emotional tension, the single validates feelings of rage attached to the daily experience of being alive.”

Miesha & The Spanks – “Dig Me Out”

Miesha & The Spanks have done it again. Killer rock energy, solid catchiness, and a message behind it all. Love this one. From the Band:‘Dig Me Out’ carries a crippling real-world context, as it makes a powerful tribute to the recovery of the 215 child remains discovered at the Kamloops Residential School in May 2021. When speaking on the tragedy of the event and its meaning in their new single, “It sparked a news and social media blitz, prompting many other residential schools to do geophysical investigations of the areas surrounding the schools. Many many more were found. These schools ran from the late 1800s to as late as the 1990s in some cases, designed to “kill the Indian in the child,” they taught industrial slave labour and were horrifically abusive. Operated by the Canadian Government and predominantly the Roman Catholic Church, the church has never apologised. It was especially triggering as my Grandmother was a “survivor” of the school, and intergenerational trauma is very real. This was news to a lot of the world, but every Indigenous person has known what really happened at these “schools” all their lives, and suddenly it was everywhere you looked.”

Gentle – “Softcore”

Great indie shoegaze sound on this track from Toronto band, Gentle. Staying on the mellow side of alt rock, this is sure to appeal to a wide array of audiences. From the Band: “‘Softcore’ recounts toxic relationships in our lives. The first verse recounts the time I called my girlfriend (at the time) for comfort while having a major panic attack to which her reply was “I’m at a party and need to go”. The song exposes our frustrations with absent partners but when we stay with them and give them more chances, it’s our fault as much as theirs.”

Years of the Modern – “Orbit (Around You)”

Our Niagara pals in Years of the Modern have just dropped a brand new single! This one has the dreamy, almost ethereal pop vocals we’ve come to expect from the trio, and that boppy synth is sure to hook you. Go check it out!