It’s the first 8 Tracks of February, and this one has some serious gems – read the mini-reviews and info from the artists, then turn these songs up loud.

Sadurday – “Out of Touch”

A solid mix of alt rock, punk, & shoegaze, while simultaneously sounding like a 90s throwback and a modern song. From the band:“Sadurday’s new single “Out of Touch” follows the independent release of their self-titled debut EP co-produced by Jim Ward (Sparta/At the Drive-in). The lyrics attempt to channel the final thoughts of a friend just moments before taking their life, a tragic real-life event that occurred during the writing and recording of the song.”

rerunn – “Sweet Enough”

Really cool, vibey sound that reminds me a bit of a more mellow Arcade Fire, with a bit of The National, and an alt rock Chevelle-like spin. From the band: “Wrote this number when I started dating the person who is now my fiancee.”

Leather Apron Revival with Leeroy Stagger – “When the Light Went Out”

Very cool Canadian track with two standout artists working together. Describing this song as a “moody rocker” is perfect, with killer guitar riffs, great vocals, and a story to boot: From the Artist: “”‘When The Lights Went Out’ is about 3 Canadian natural disasters: The Halifax Harbour explosion, Frank’s Slide, and the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster,” says bassist Grady Pasiechnyk. “It’s a somber tune. We were very fortunate to have Leeroy Stagger producing the album, whom we have tremendous respect for as a musician, and we asked if he’d want to be a part of this song. Lee can have such a heaviness in his delivery, which paired perfectly with the gravity of the material, and the back and forth with Lennan added incredible depth to the track.”

Zach Tabori – “Unchecked Desire”

Really cool song with insane energy and great guitar riffs – I can only imagine how killer this song would be to see performed live. From the artist: “Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer ZACH TABORI debuts his brand new rock album SOFT BOILED today, January 19th via Flesh Fury. The eight-song enigma ranges from trash rock to orchestral to a cheeky ballad and even includes a shredding Turkish Saz slicing through a punk track. Written and produced solely by Tabori, this album exudes a sound that can be described as if Mars Volta had a baby with Frank Zappa with a sprinkle of Sly and the Family Stone.”

Dear Rouge – “Small Talk”

We’ve got the latest from Dear Rouge up next. Another stellar song, as always – great indie pop sound. Give it a listen, then go check out our recent Q&A with the band. From the band: “On the track the band said, “’Small Talk’” asserts how the reality of the world right now has changed our needs, as we are all aching for authentic connection. We don’t have the time or space for “cheap love”.

Definitely Barney – “Take the Hint”

Here’s a song that was made in the artist’s bedroom… but sure as hell doesn’t sound like it. If you dig Royal Blood, QOTSA, and Arctic Monkeys, this is the next act that deserves to be on your radar. From the Artist: “This song is about those toxic people that don’t get the message, that constantly cross boundaries they shouldn’t and never listen! I wanted to make a song where people I know/ in my past wonder if it’s about them” 

The Bankrobber – “Leash Died (Shouldn’t Cry)”

Next up is a synth-infursed dreampoppy / indie rock ballad of sorts that is instantly catchy and likeable. From the Band: “The song talks about a person who doesn’t rest and cannot sleep due to love issues. The music production is mainly composed of a massive use of keyboards and synthesizers.”

Hate Moss – “Fog”

This weeks “8 Tracks” is closing this this new track from Hate Moss – this one fuses electronic sound with alternative rock and was written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered in just 10 days. From the band: “Spasming with a feverish unpredictability and shadowed with an overarching sense of solitude, “Fog” was written during an extended period of isolation last year and makes for an engrossing document of an artist reaching for freedom.”