8 Tracks

First “8 Tracks” of 2022, so we had to kick things off with some damn good songs. Punk, pop-punk, alt-rock, indie-pop, and some genre-less sounds we think you’ll dig… enjoy!

Oppstøt – “Punk Rock Therapy”

Here’s some punk rock therapy all the way from Norway. Turn it up, give yourself some space, and thrash out your demons. From the band: “Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on regular psycho therapy, I would definitely recommend Punk Rock therapy. Music is highly therapeutic, and punkrock music is no exceptions! I made this song a bit harder than I usually do, and for the first time I have used professional mix and mastering engeneer. Give me some Punk Rock Therapy – thats all I need.” 

TANAY – “Sunblinded”

There’s a cool slow vibe to this song, while it keeps enough edge to still be considered a rock track – especially when the chorus hits. Really love their unique sound. From the artist: “Sunblinded is about looking into someone’s eyes and being completely blinded by infatuation and potential- so much so that you completely ignore the pitfalls that lie ahead. Eventually, all things come to an end and you’re left with a choice. Let it go or hold on.”

Not Really – “The People Who Didn’t Fit In”

There’s a cool rawness to this track, while still having enough melody to make you wanna sing along. Loving the sound from this Canadian band. From the band:“The unifying theory that we all feel like misfits from time to time.”

Audrelane – “Never Getting Old”

Slick new single from Audrelane here, and this one will have you moving along. It’s fuzz rock, it’s alt rock, it’s pop rock – all rolled into one seriously great track. From the band: “We wrote this song in lieu of the pandemic and feeling that our youth was taken away from us. We lost two years of our prime years and cant get it back.”

Wes Hoffman w/ Émilie Plamondon – “For What It’s Worth”

Here’s an instantly likeable pop punk tune. Great energy, and fantastic guest vocals from a Canadian singer! From the artist: “This song features Émilie Plamondon on guest vocals. It’s an energetic pop punk song about moving on with life after you lose someone. Émilie an amazing voice and I wanted a nice of male and female vocals on the song. It’s energetic and fun, but also nostalgic.”

Bases – “If You Let It”

This is something a little different for those of you wanting to hear new sound – a unique blend of many different genres, with a bit of a Flaming Lips vibe (at least, to me). From the band: “Like many songs, ‘If You Let It’ began as a feeling, an emotion. As the instrumental and chord progression came together, a good friend said it reminded them of early 90’s PJ Harvey. This sparked a new writing session and the verse, chorus and reprise were developed as a result. The timbre, cadence and delivery of the vocals paired with the acoustic ensemble and hip hop back beat offer the listener a sense of melancholy and internal peace. It is grounded while open to interpretation.” 

The Ormewoods – “Sew Me Up”

The vocals and sexy vibe right off the bat had me double checking that it wasn’t a new single from The Kills, which is a huge compliment coming from me. Consider me a new fan of this band, ready to dive into their discography. From the band: “Second chances. New Beginnings. It took over 15 years for Don & Claire to come together as The Ormewoods, but their music, touted as “sexy, folk, pop, country” by fans of their lush harmonies & infectious vibe,  was worth the wait.  Combining the best of their musical histories, Don as a two-time Grammy winning audio engineer and Claire as an indie radio favorite, their single “Hey Babe” hit #1 on the folk charts this summer thanks to strong radio support across the country and regional tours of the South and Mid-West.”

Paul J Van Cleave – “Curtains”

More stellar pop-punk for the list (there’s been a lot of that lately!). I feel like the artist’s explanation of the song is better than I could come up with, so… From the artist: “I am an old man. Therefore I am going to sing / complain about it.” Same, from this old lady.