8 Tracks

The first month of 2022 is almost over (congrats, you survived it), but there’s no slowing down the stellar new music being released this year. Check out these eight songs, and let us know your favourites.

Soft Top Intrepid – “Lemon Lung”

There’s a light poppiness to this song, paired with a NY rock sound and fuzzy vocals. A lot of genres melded into one great song. Looking forward to hearing more from them! From the band: “Coming off of the release of their debut single ‘Some Same’, Soft Top Intrepid (Rob LaPlante, Chris Galambos) return with their juxtaposed latest release ‘LEMON LUNG’ — a bouncing, energetic power pop track that speaks to grounding one’s self when life gets overwhelming.”

Matty Reynolds – “bed head fever”

Here’s a catchy as hell tune that’ll have you bopping your head the whole time – and the subject matter is something we can all probably relate to. From the Artist: “I wrote this about being fed up with keeping up with your social life but also loving it at the same time.”

Darling Congress – “Always on the Edge”

Up next we have the second single from Darling Congress, “Always on the Edge”. Another stellar song, plus a fantastic video to go along with it. Check out the song, then go read our recent interview with Peter van Helvoort. From the band: “I’ve been wanting to make a video with my longtime friend Justis for quite a bit now, and I’m happy to finally put this one out into the ether. I will never forget the day I met Justis in a St Catharines church basement – he was wearing the head piece from a child’s bear costume, and it was love at first sight.”

Horse Rider – “Horse Rider”

Fans of Hum and similar bands might just wanna dive right into this song and the rest of Horse Rider’s discography. I know I did. From the band: “this song was the song we got our name from and the first song I wrote for this project. It’s a pretty simple song about winning someone’s affection when they feel like the world is against them. Hope you find something in the song to connect to. “

Hollow Graves – “Borderline”

A mix of modern and throwback, this song has a great new wave sound with an indie rock twist. From the band: ““Borderline” is a story about a person whose personal struggles are being spread to friends and family in a negative way. The band expands, “even though you may try to help a struggling friend, you might not be able to affect positive change until they can help themselves first.””

Jesse Ray and the Caroline Catfish – “Good Pickin'”

Garage rock-meets-southern blues, and a lot of killer energy. Try not to like this one. I dare you. From the band: “Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish is a two piece blues, rockabilly, americana band made up of Jesse Ray on Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Brandon “Dingo” Hopp on drums. The band is known for their lively rock shows and extremely excellent musicianship. Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish was formed in 2014 in Grand Rapids, MI. “

Excuses Excuses – “Far From Perfect”

This is an energetic alt rock / pop punk hybrid from Canadian band Excuses Excuses, with a catchy chorus to keep it firmly stuck in your head. From the band: “Far From Perfect is a call of compassion that encompasses the positive messaging we hope to spread through our writing. The fact of the matter is, it’s totally okay to not be okay; nobody’s perfect here. He goes on to say… “I was always very attracted to high energy music, and that started with Sabbath, but all of our songs really mean something very specific, and although we want people to interpret them however it makes sense to them, you’ve got to communicate those emotions in a way that people are going to feel.”

Rat Champion – “Yuck Fu”

This track is raw, punk, and rock ‘n roll – nothing flashy or over-produced, just straight-ahead rock energy. From the band: “I wrote the instrumental of this song when I was a little ticked off about another project I was in and I really wanted to just come up with a song that was all about paying off a big crunchy, guitar driven chorus. I wasn’t working and was living off savings from my old big kid job so I would just write songs impromptu into a camera and sync it to a google drive folder to take to practice and this song ultimately came from one of the takes that stuck to the wall, I guess.”