8 Tracks

Some fantastic new tunes for your earholes – find your new favourites on this week’s list!

Brett Newskie – “Seek Asylum From Myself”

Let’s kick off the list with a song that grabbed me immediately – this is a rock tune with a great grunginess to it. It has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, in the very best way. From the artist: “Seasonal depression weighs a ton, and BRETT NEWSKI’s own “Grunge Lite” is just the genre to lighten the load on your brain. Written on a napkin in his 02′ Toyota amply named “Dennis” (after his grandpa Dennis), “Seek Asylum from Myself” dives into the battles in one’s own head and finding the balance between medication and just riding out the storm. Feeling guilty about being sad is a big problem in today’s instagram culture. The fact of the matter is that it’s totally normal to be sad sometimes. It’s part of being a person. “It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be angry. No need to feel guilty, person.”

Sonofold – “Father Father”

Really cool track from a band out of South Africa. Similar to the song above, there’s a great throwback feel to it. Grungy guitar ans easy melodies make it really appealing. From the band:“10 December sees the release of new single Father Father taken from the upcoming EP Ghosts, which is out in March 2022 via Just Music. With the introduction of Tom Hughes (FUZIGISH / Vulvodynia) on drums, SonOfOld has a much more potent rhythmic drive when compared to the 2020 release. The sound is heavier, more guitar orientated and quite clearly Rock music. This is more than evident on the new track as Nic explains, “For me this track has a Nirvana-esque feel mixed with the Neil Young and Crazy Horse album “Ragged Glory.” It was a track I did not think would cut it at first, but somehow came together well in the studio.”

Horse Doctor – “Playa”

Really cool At The Drive-In inspired track from Canadian band, Horse Doctor. Big energy right off the bat, and you can absolutely hear the ATDI influences (which is always a compliment.) From the band: “In a dry spell after a hiatus, we asked “what would At the Drive-in do?” The working title was Bangers in 6/8… until we realized it’s in 5/4. It is our shortest, happiest song to date, true to the ATDI energy. It was recorded remotely during the pandemic, but we’ll be damned if you can tell.”

Trey Warner – “Doing My Own Thing”

For music fans looking for a Weezer-type sound with a bit more edge, this might be for you. Great song, great video – if you’re a Will Ferrell fan, you need to see his doppelganger. From the band: “With lines like, “Don’t tell me I’m the butthole just cause I’m the one who’s heard of goals.” “Doing My Own Thing” tells it like it is. Inspired by Ron Burgundy, Trey Warner decided to dress up as Ron and hit the strip of Las Vegas to shoot a music video. You must watch it you’ll be blown away by how much Warner looks like him. Enjoy the the tune.”

University Drive – “Carry It”

Great rock track from University Drive. Hard hitting drums, great guitar riffs, and solid rock melodies here. It’s a definite must-listen. From the band: “Carry It is primarily about abandonment. The disillusion and destruction of a family following the death of a loved one. In this track the finger is being pointed at a specific family member, while also turning inwards at points and grieving the loss of naivety (Believing that “everything is going to be okay”, but the person who used to be there to offer these sentiments is long gone.) It’s an emotionally heavy track, and also pretty intense musically.”

Vivienne Wilder – “Ricky (Heart)”

Here’s something cool and unique from Vivienne Wilder. Musically, there’s a bit of a Kills sound, but vocally it’s like the love child of Karen O and Chrissie Hynde. You definitely want to check this out. From the artist: “A love letter to Ricky LaFleur from a trailer in Trailer Parkdale, Toronto. After July Talk’s Ian Docherty heard Wilder’s original take of “Ricky” on her postromantic EP, he requested a reworking, upping the tempo and the heart rate on this version he co-produced with percussionist Adam Hindle (Born Ruffians, Sheepdogs).”

Nathan Pakka – “Letter to the Sea”

There’s a really cool throwback feel to the latest track from Nathan Pakka. It has a lovely simplicity, and is a refreshingly easy listen. “Letter to the Sea is the first single off my upcoming debut album ‘Untimely’. The album has been years in the making, and I wrote, recorded, performed, mixed, and produced it all myself. Originally I wrote all the songs acoustic, and intended to do a straight singer-songwriter type album, but arrangements (and many vocal harmonies) started coming to mind and it ended up becoming far more ambitious and fleshed out.”

New Medicine – “Life Like This”

Killer energy on this track. You could potentially draw some comparisons to Billy Talent, but with a bit more of a punk/hard rock edge. Really digging this one, and looking forward to diving into their discography. Check it out!