The Trusted

“Doomsday” is the latest single from Southend-on-Sea four-piece, The Trusted. This new track is a huge, hook-filled rock song with big riffs, all about everything falling apart; a sound that is a perfect fit for fans of The Strokes, The Killers, and the 1975.

It’s a loud rocket-fueled cry for help; a psychological apocalypse,” says lead singer, Tom Cunningham. “We’re living in a world on the brink of war and collapse, yet ‘Doomsday’ is a song about a more personal Armageddon. We all have our own, in-built doomsday clocks and sometimes, our minds can reach a breaking point.

The guitar riffs pull you in from the very beginning of the song, while the vocal melodies keep you on the hook and needing more. The chorus brings the rock energy, but the whole single has a cool, moody intensity to it, which only adds to the compelling sound overall. After a minute forty, the guitar solo is the perfect break to bring you to the next part of the track, with a bridge that lets the chorus jump back in with an impactful bang. Start to finish, “Doomsday” is another absolutely killer song from The Trusted, further cementing them as a band that should be on everyone’s radar. Their sound is huge, slick, heavy yet melodic, and completely, undeniably, captivating.

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