The Short Fall

Australia-based singer-songwriter Angelo Conway is the artist behind The Short Fall, a music project that blurs the lines between alt rock, indie, pop and folk to create a unique brand of catchy, harmony-filled songs. He has recently released his latest single, “Looking Over My Shoulder” – a slick and infectious track with a big rock sound, about looking for a better life.

As a migrant I’ve been very lucky to grow up in this beautiful country with my family,” says the artist, Angelo Conway. “My new single ‘Looking over my shoulder’ is a reflection on what it might be like if on the other side of the coin – running from war, famine, poverty like so many migrants across the world, looking for a better life but not being able to escape their past.

“Looking Over My Shoulder” has grungy guitar riffs right off the bat, with clear, powerhouse vocals to balance it out. The chorus hits with huge, catchy energy, giving an anthemic feel to the whole song. There’s a really cool grooviness to the track, whether it comes from the bass line or the guitar riffs, and it adds another layer of interest and style. And that guitar solo… I’ve said this before, but I’m happy to see guitar solos making a comeback, including the short yet impactful ones like this one. Overall, this is just a fantastic rock single with the pop influence, slick production, and an almost bluesy vibe to make it feel fresh and different. Don’t sleep on this one, because The Short Fall is one to watch – sure to be taking over international audiences before you can blink an eye.

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