Photo: Eliot Davidson

Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand is the artist behind Päter, an alt-rock-meets-indie project with songs that have been gaining recognition and finding critical success since 2020. Päter’s latest single, “Something // Way” (read as “something in the way”), is an energetic track with production inspired by early 2000s indie rock.

I grew up listening to a lot of indie and alt rock like The Strokes, Killers, Hollerado,” says Päter. “With this song I wanted to lean as far into that world as I could while keeping it a bit tongue in cheek. Something // Way is a song about stop/starting, feeling stuck, and getting in your own way. I wrote it when I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt around putting music out into the world. It sort of celebrates the rage that comes from attempting to do anything at all but ultimately pushes on without succumbing to it.

No long drawn out intros here – “Something // Way” is energetic right off the bat, jumping in with clear, melodic vocals that are both inviting and captivating. This song mixes an alternative edginess with an almost retro indie-pop feel, punctuated by a crooning vocal style peppered throughout. It’s immediately likeable, and the genre-spanning sound is the type that will appeal to music fans of all kinds. There’s a lovely brightness to the song, alongside the twists and turns that surprise and delight. The undeniable catchiness is the perfect balance to the edgy moments, and the end result is a perfectly performed and produced two minutes and forty seconds well worth your time.

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