Into The Light

Based in Rochester, New York, Into The Light is a band that infuses post-rock, indie, and shoegaze sounds into their music, channeling acts like Failure, Quicksand, and DIIV. Ahead of a full-length album slated for release later this year, they’ve just put out their new single, “Manuscript”, a catchy and dynamic alt-rock track.

Manuscript’s lyrics make reference to the book Herzog by Saul Bellow,” says Into The Light’s singer of the new single. “The main character essentially struggles with his mental health, and pretends to write letters to famous people or people in his own life. In most of these letters, he’s really expressing disappointment in himself. To me, there’s an element of humor in the lyrics while also referencing the struggles most people have to keep our heads right in these challenging times.

There’s a fantastic 90s shoegaze feel to this song, with the mellowed-out beat and fuzzy vocals – it’s a compelling slowburn. The vocals remind me of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno’s more low-key, crooning singing styles (which is about as big a compliment as I can give, as a lifelong fan of his). Throughout the song, Into The Light mixes different pockets of sound, arranged together in such a smart and interesting way. Just after the three minute mark, the energy hits in a satisfying, climactic fashion; the song takes listeners on a ride from start to finish. “Manuscript” is definitely a song that needs to be heard in full, and then put on repeat and heard again. Looking forward to a full album release from Into The Light.

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