Gabrielle Ornate

UK artist Gabrielle Ornate defies genre with her unique sound, taking cues from catchy pop, alternative, groovy psych rock, and a slew of other influences, fusing them all together with her lyrical poetry. She’s just released her latest single, “Delirium”, an anthemic song that dials into female empowerment, deep introspection, and letting go.

Delirium is all about letting go of control and surrendering to a world of uninhibited rapture,” says Gabrielle about the new single. “Rather than letting the chaos of life take over you and dictate how you feel, it’s always better to make a concerted effort to enjoy the ride whatever the circumstance.

Drawing you in with the first guitar lick at the start of the song, “Delirium” takes you on a groovy, melodic, fuzz-filled ride. Vocally reminiscent of St. Vincent (which is only the highest of praise from me), the powerhouse melodies and catchy style are impeccable. This is the kind of song that deserves to be a hit, with a sound that would appeal to anyone who loves infectious music with a raw rock attitude, plus something so unique and undeniable, you can’t help but want more. With this single, Gabrielle Ornate has me hooked and ready to dive headfirst into the rest of her discography.

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