From The Other Side

Australian pop/punk band From The Other Side have just released their second single, “The Lonely Man”, hot on the heels of the recent success of their debut single. The 5-piece may be relatively new, but with the two powerhouse releases under their belts so far, they’re already showing music fans that they’re a force to be reckoned with.  

“The Lonely Man” is our second single release after our high energy debut single ‘My Anthem’,” says the band. “‘The Lonely Man” is about being selfless and giving someone your all even when you are broken within yourself.”

The members of From The Other Side are breathing new life into the pop/punk genre, with infectious energy, standout vocals, and stellar melodies to balance out the hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs. They’ve created an accessible sound that would be a fit on mainstream media, but stays edgy enough to keep the alt, punk, and rock music fans locked in. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing From The Other Side all over the place, because they’re sure to see continued success with songs like this.

Be warned before you listen to “The Lonely Man”, though – this is going to get stuck in your head.

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