London, UK-based band Femegades recently released their third EP, Sex Robots–their unique take on a concept album, revealing a dystopian new world with unfortunate tinges of familiarity. The new release is a collection of five songs that span alternative genres, pulling from grunge, punk, and indie rock, all from a feminist perspective.

The EP’s synopsis: “A world where instead of seeing a fellow human being, a man sees something he feels entitled to that has a price tag. And where combating this unwanted male attention continues to be dangerous. All the while, left alone to pick up the pieces post-childbirth women are expected to uphold the impossible pressures of body image, whilst being labelled crazy, and medicalised for their trauma. They are expected to welcome the male-led technological revolution that will ultimately replace them.” 

As a long-time fan of this band, I was excited to dive into their new EP—and right off the bat, it does not disappoint. It kicks off with “Broken Bones,” an immediately catchy track with a “please help me” hook that captures attention, complemented by gritty guitars and moody melodies. “What’s Yours Is Mine” starts off a bit mellower but quickly jumps into the high-energy, kickass Femegades sound we’ve come to expect.

“No Sex Robots” takes a serious turn with subdued yet alluring vocals. This track, in particular, marks the climax of the fictional dystopian world the album centers around, depicting women being forced to accept the new male-led revolution. Up next is “Toolish,” which I couldn’t help but move along to—there’s a killer groove and a simmering intensity.

Last, but sure as hell not least, the EP ends on a huge note, with “Depleted”. Another track sure to get your body moving, it features hard-hitting drums and an absolutely killer chorus that will stay stuck in your head for days. It’s a song I reviewed when it was released as a single last year, and it just might be a personal favourite of mine. 

Overall, Sex Robots is an album that is simultaneously raw and melodic, with power, grit, and a message that needs to be shared. Every time I listen to their songs, even if I’ve heard them many times before, I always notice something new to love. Listening to these tracks and seeing some of their live clips, I have no doubt that this band is one you need to see in person. 

“If you don’t like the Sex Robots EP you’ve probably got one in the closet!” says the band. And if that’s not enough to get you to want to listen, what is?

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