Doc Freighter
Photo: Mark Thompson

Hailing from Dartford, England, Doc Freighter has been steadily making a name for themselves in the underground London music scene. Like many bands did, the trio formed on the tail end of the pandemic and have managed to grab the attention of local show-goers and gain a following that has translated into sold out shows in high capacity venues. They’ve just released their latest single, “Wax Lyrical”, a fully DIY, bedroom-recorded track that gleaned inspiration from 80s indie acts.

According to the band, the single is about seeking closure. Says Doc Freighter, “Without closure, it’s hard to move on, because there are still so many things you have left to say to this person. There are a million things you wanted to admit to them, explain to them, clear up for them. Even worse, there are so many questions that have been left unanswered.” On the meaning of the single, they continue, “The song shifts in and out feelings of denial, hope, and uncertainty and explores memories and dreams about the girl – reflecting the good and bad times during the relationship. The effects during the song, reverb, slight detuning, and musically sudden rhythmic changes, reflect the unstable and volatile nature of the relationship.

With the initial riffs as the song starts, “Wax Lyrical” grabs your attention immediately. The vocals are smooth and clear, and sure to make anyone want to learn the words and sing along. The music change from the verse to chorus keeps interest levels high as the catchy melodies and driving guitar create an incredibly infectious sound. Doc Freighter have managed to strike a fine balance between rock and indie pop, creating something that is radio friendly but edgy enough to impress live audiences. From the first note to the abrupt ending, “Wax Lyrical” is the kind of song that hooks you onto a band and makes you want more. 

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