Atomic Bronco

Texas-based rock act Atomic Bronco is known for fusing indie, alternative, lo-fi and classic rock sounds together to create a unique, signature style. A one-man band created by producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco just released an 11 track album called Bull in a China Shop.

“I think Bull in a China Shop represents a big step forward for me,” says Kyle of the new album release. “I’m writing, performing and producing with more confidence and covering a fairly wide range of styles while still keeping my core sound. I hope the listeners enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.

Overall, Bull in a China Shop feels like a connected and complete selection of music. It keeps a solid focus on the bass throughout, with a sound that is raw and real. The heavily spotlighted guitar and vocals work incredibly well together in each of the eleven songs, creating a seamless sound. Kyle Nuss’ vocals have an almost Elliott Smith-like style; there’s a sense of melancholy, even in the more energetic songs, showing that there’s often something deeper to the music than what you initially hear. The album ends on a sweet note, however, with the final offering, “Along With Me”- a  hopeful-sounding track that seems like it could be described as a love song.

Chock full of attitude and another catchy bass line, “Let It Go” is a standout song on the album. Big guitar riffs drive the track forward, and the vocals and melodies captivate from beginning to end. The guitar solo at around 2:25 harkens back to the heyday of guitar solos, which is something often lacking in today’s music, and very much welcomed in this track. The lyrics are relatable and memorable: “The world’s on fire, now you gotta let it go“… ain’t that the truth.

Another song that stuck with me most was “Sky’s On Fire”. Again with a focus on the bassline, the intro offers more of a sexy allure with the deep bass notes and low vocals. There are pockets of the song that feature guitar riffs that really add texture and interest to this track, especially in the chorus and the solo. This is a rock song, but with a mellow slowburn feel. A must-listen song on a must-listen album.

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