Hollow Graves
Photo: Jake Chirico

Toronto’s Hollow Graves are showing no signs of slowing down. Having released their self-titled album earlier this year, they’ve also just released a brand new three-song EP, Heatwave. The most recent single, also titled “Heatwave”, has a dreampop, almost new wave vibe to it, while still bringing the indie rock style and intensity we’ve come to expect. We caught up with Hollow Graves to chat about the song, how they got started, and the bucket list music venue they’d like to play.

From The Strait: Tell us about the single, “Heatwave”.

Hollow Graves: Heatwave is about meeting up with a romantic partner while basking in the hot sandy beaches of our youth. However, the seasons change and so does that summer love feeling. It’s the feeling that good times don’t last forever, but the memories do.

FTS: How did Hollow Graves become a band?

Hollow Graves: We formed in 2016 in Toronto Canada under a different moniker as an emo outfit with a few revolving members. Guitarist Nathan Gravette recruited Coady McCormack to play bass and reached out online, trying to fill spots in the band. Vocalist Rob Coxford answered the call via Craigslist, recording vocals over a demo they sent over. Once formed, we were playing a show at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto where we saw dummer Alex Saragosa playing on the same bill. We asked if he’d be interested in joining us to form a new project and he was onboard.

FTS: What are some of your all-time favourite Canadian artists/bands?

Hollow Graves: Tokyo Police Club, Moneen, Sean Leon, Men I Trust

FTS: How do you gauge personal success in music?

Hollow Graves:  As long as we’re making music and putting it out to the world, we believe that’s successful. If 5 people show up to a show or 100, that’s successful. Regardless of streams, likes or followers, if someone out there wants to listen to our music, we feel that’s pretty successful.

FTS: If you could play any music venue anywhere in the world, where would it be any why?

Hollow Graves: As close to Toronto as this is, The Fillmore Detroit handsdown. The minute you walk into the lobby of the theatre (Grand Lobby), it’s like stepping into a time machine. Terra cotta all over the place with a beautiful ceiling. I remember when I first walked in the venue and was curious about all the history that place must hold. It’s honestly just such a beautiful theatre, I even forgot who I was there to see.

Check out “Heatwave”, the latest single from Hollow Graves!