Hamilton’s own indie pop singer-songwriter Dan Edmonds is getting set to release his latest album, Softie, on November 22nd. With the recent lead single “two thirds of a fifth” out now, we had a quick Q&A to chat about festivals, songwriting evolution, & his new music.

From The Strait: We just saw you earlier this month at Cicada Festival in St. Catharines – what do you like about playing festivals? Anything you don’t like?

Dan Edmonds: Cicada was really enjoyable for me. Festivals are fun to play – you get to see your friends perform, and enjoy the nice weather.

FTS: In the three years between your albums, how did your sound & songwriting evolve?

DE: I really pushed myself with this new release, to create music in ways I never had before. I didn’t allow myself to simply sing a song and record it – I intentionally made the process foggy in a sense, so I didn’t really know what I had made until I finished. I sampled a lot of music off of my tape machine. And slowed songs down a lot. I used as many keyboards as possible and played very little guitar.

FTS: Your new single is called “two thirds of a fifth” – tell us a bit about it.

DE: That song song is about overcoming anxiety, through compassion. The verses represent an internal dialogue of insecurity, and the chorus represents a reminder, to see every person as Whole. To not treat someone as less than what they really are.

FTS: If you should co-headline a tour with any other band (no rules, no genres), who would it be and why?

DE: That’s difficult. At this very moment, I would say The Dirty Projectors. I find their music to be some of the most compelling and imaginative to come out in recent years. Rhythmically and harmonically very strong!

Check out Dan Edmonds’ latest single, “two thirds of a fifth”!


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