If you haven’t heard Birds of Bellwoods on the radio this summer or seen them perform live just about everywhere – including a sizzling CMW set at The Horseshoe, a much talked about appearance at Osheaga, and most recently, playing support for The Trews at the Kee to Bala – you’ve likely been unplugged from society for a while. Welcome back.

Steve Joffe sings on the aptly named “Don’t Look Back”, one of the standout tracks from the new Birds Of Bellwoods offering Victoria: “Take a step, don’t look back. I don’t know what’s out there, and I’m fine with that”. That seems like a great place to start for a band on the precipice of much bigger things. It’s about to be unknown territory for the Toronto quartet… what comes next after a summer filled with much deserved buzz? Based on Victoria, a killer live set, and something I generally like to refer to as the “nice guy factor”, the sky is the limit. (The “nice guy factor” – you can’t help but root for the nice guys, and the fellas in Birds of Bellwoods are just that. Nice guys.)

Of the 10 tracks that make up Victoria there’s roughly oh, about 10 possible singles that could realistically be sent to radio. These are some well-crafted songs and it’s sure to have something for everyone. Appreciate great hooks? Check. “Melatonin,” and “Don’t Look Back” have got you covered. You like big sing along pop songs? Check. “Let You Go” and “A Year Ago” will have you singing along. Want great harmonies and excellent musicianship? Check. “Catching Up” and “My Heart Is Yours” are ready to be played loudly.

I don’t know what the future holds for Bird Of Bellwoods, but I do know they are well equipped for the journey. Get out there and have a listen to Victoria and see them on tour this winter as they take flight and head toward a bright future.


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