In this week’s 8 Tracks round-up, we’ve got eight new songs from non-Canadian artists (or, as well call them here at FTS, Beyond The Strait). Have a listen to these tunes, and let us know what you think!

Little Triggers – “I’m Alright”

The latest song from this Liverpool garage rock band is guaranteed to have you moving. It’s two straight minutes of energy with punk rock flair and throwback melodies. Give it a listen! (Hell, listen to it twice…)

Luna Rosa – “MK Ultra”

Here’s another killer British band for today’s list – Luna Rosa. This track is the second single from their upcoming EP, and it’s a definite must-listen. Gritty and raw, with something familiar about it that just might make you want to listen again.

Luc – “Glow”

Here’s an L.A. band called Luc, and their cool bass-heavy track, “Glow”. They call this genre “L.A. garagetronic”, and that’s pretty apt for this alt-pop-electro-rock sound. I highly suggest you listen right to the end.

The Bergamot – “L.A.”

Here’s a video for a track called “L.A.” from New York band, The Bergamot – this one’s for the alternative dream pop fans. The song is about moving on, away from your dreams and back to reality.

Lucas Laufen – “I Know Where Silence Lives”

Australian artist Luca Laufen brings on the emotion with the title track to his upcoming album, I Know Where The Silence Lives. Recorded without the help of software instruments, Lucas features his trumpet throughout the album as well as a wide selection of brass, woodwind, strings and percussion. Check out the video!

Arrays – “The Enemy”

Arrays is the solo studio project of New Zealand artist JP Carroll. Listening to this single, “The Enemy”, I was immediately reminded of Maynard James Keenan. If you like prog rock, alternative, metal core or anything along those lines, you’ll dig this one.

Vandalye – “Sydney”

Here’s a song by Dubai alt-folk rock band Vandalye. This band has seen a lot of success so far, sharing the stage and collaborating with household names. With their catchy, folky vibe, we’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from them.

Parasol Caravan – “Serpent of Time”

Hailing from Austria, the aptly self-proclaimed “fuzztronauts” bring us a single from their new EP, Nemesis. If you dig guitar riffs, lots of fuzz, & stoner rock, this is right up your alley!


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