If you’re in isolation, doing some social distancing, maybe working from home for awhile – and even if you’re not – we’ve got a great collection of songs to keep you company, including a few new tracks from local artists.

Donovan Woods – “Grew Apart”

Let’s kick off the list with Donovan Woods, with a new song about “all the things we tell ourselves a breakup is about when perhaps the truth is just that two people didn’t like each other enough”.

Youth Illusion – “Cover Up And Die”

Mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, Youth Illusion’s “Cover Up And Die” is a great tune with serious Alexisonfire comparisons. These guys are a four-piece rock outfit hailing from London – check ’em out!

Heavy Hearts – “Safe Bet”

Heavy Hearts are back on FTS with their new track, “Safe Bet”. It’s the second single off of their upcoming album. Give it listen, and then check out our recent Q&A with the band.

Only August – “The Rain”

Niagara native Andrew Reinhardt (ex Eleven North) has new solo singer-songwriter project called Only August. he’s just dropped his debut single, “The Rain” – it’s a great indie rock tune, all about love and growth.

Eric Long – “Everyday”

Here’s a little bluegrass/Americana for your listening pleasure – Eric Long’s “Everyday” is the first single off of his self-produced upcoming record, Looking Up. It features the mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums.

Phono Pony – “Back To School Special”

Phono Pony is a Canadian glam-garage duo with a big sound, utilizing
guitar, drums, vocals, synth and theremin. This new single is a fuzzy g rock track that was recorded with Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), paired with a fun, animated video.

Odd Holiday – “Heartbreak”

Odd Holiday added synths and piano to their latest track – a new thing for them, but it works out really well on “Heartbreak”, and helps create more of a ballad than their usual sound. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

MR VVOLF – “Never Look Back”

MR VVOLF is an “incognito rock n roll revival artist from Brooklyn”. His new single is a love letter to the old classic getaway songs – it’s a fun ride that’ll make you dance in your seat.


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