8 Tracks

This week’s 8 Tracks is full of lies. Not only are we posting on a Sunday instead of Saturday (the shock, the horror!), but due to a mix-up, one of this week’s songs had its release date pushed back. So this is now “7 Tracks”, which doesn’t have the same double-meaning ring to it. We may be down one song, but the seven remaining kick enough ass that they’re all you need.

The Cabbys – “Shoreline”

This track is very unique – it has a great mood to it, super atmospheric and a bit doomy. I dig it a lot. This the second single from The Cabbys’ forthcoming debut EP. From the band: “A grooving bass line and reverbed-out guitars splash through an alt rock riff, psychedelic EBow melodies, and haunting harmonies that balance the dark and light. The song is a meditation on the respite the ocean gives us from the material world, like a post-surf drive down the coast under the moonlight.”

Destroy Boys – “Escape”

Another infectious one from this band, I was moving along to it from the very first note. And their description of the song is just too good not to share: “You know I don’t see anyone asking anyone of any other profession except for artists what their plan B is. Like if you’re gonna be a mathematician no one asks you what your fucking plan B is even though who knows what they do, I don’t know. Ok. But we need art to live and survive but, I need the plan B. I do. Me. You know I could really go without ever hearing that question ever again. Wow.”

Joan of Arkansas – “Circa”

Here’s a little something different for this week’s list. A bit of surfer rock, a bit of psych rock, a bit of something else altogether. From the band: “It’s a little “pop bomb” that combines an off-kilter, fuzzy guitar riff with melodic vocals. Its lyrics are recursive and vague. Is it a song about lovers separated by time travel? Is it a meta-commentary on the act of writing music itself? Man, we just play the songs – we don’t think about them!”

The War Toys – “What’s Eating Me”

A fuzzy and cool post-punk indie-garage track from The War Toys is up next. From the band: “The War Toys are prophets of doom pushing candy coated pop punk tunes in the spirit and understanding that “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”




Homer Marrs – “Ben”

Here we have Indie List artist Homer Marrs with his latest track, “Ben”! I love his description of this one: “”Ben” is the acoustic ballad Morrissey and Billy Corgan haven’t had the chance to co-write yet. An alt-rock pining for unrequited love, the song features bleeding-heart crooning over undulating chords.” Nailed it.

Abraskadabra – “Cattle Life”

A little ska, a little punk, a lot of energy. These guys are from Brazil, and this song is the latest single from their album Make Yourself at Home. That album was just released on the 24th, so be sure to go check out the rest of their songs.

Motoclub – “Get To Shelter”

There’s a whole lot of energy on this track, and serious mainstream appeal. From the band: “Our second studio single, “Get To Shelter” is riddled with underdog tonality. We closely resonate with stories of underdogs coming together to take on the Big Player, whether in a movie like Star Wars or an actual world event, we always root for the underdog.”