This week’s “8 Tracks” is a mixed bag of Canadian and international tunes, many different genres, and all worth a listen. In this collection, we’ve also added a bonus track – because hey, we felt like it.

OPROER – “Get Get Get”

Belgium band OPROER is releasing one single per month over nine months – this is the second of the series, a danceable electro-pop rock tune, “Get Get Get”.

Opeongo – “Port Boys”

Singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour (a.k.a. – Opeongo) has a new album, Miasma, featuring noteworthy appearances from Daniel Romano, Aaron Goldstein (who also produced the album), Aaron Comeau, and more. Check out his latest single, “Port Boys”!

Brooklyn Doran – “I Can’t Be Alone With You”

Brooklyn Doran’s latest song takes on a subject many can relate to – that relationship with someone you know is wrong for you, trying to stay away from them, and knowing you’ll likely give in. With dreamy melancholy vocals and gentle keys, she tells a story with this new single.

Everyone Loves A Villain “Otherside”

When I first listened to this track, I was surprised I didn’t already know the band – this song has “major radio airplay” written all over it (but on the good stations, of course). It manages to be catchy and listenable while still heavy. Give it a spin!

Hero The Band – “Trouble In My Mind”

Hero The Band is comprised of four brothers, each born a year apart. Together, they create an infectious sound that bridges a gap between rock and pop. Have a listen to this single, and get it stuck in your head.

Midnight Vesta – “Complicated Pony”

Toronto folk-rock band Midnight Vesta are gearing up for their second full-length album coming out in 2020. Check out their lead-off single, “Complicated”, and stay tuned for an upcoming Q&A here on FTS!

Blitz Vega – “LA Vampire”

Andy Rourke (bassist from The Smiths) has a new music project called Blitz Vega – check out their 3rd single, aptly released on Halloween, called “LA Vampire”.

KaiL Baxley – “Beneath The Bones”

Singer-songwriter KaiL Baxley’s latest single is an autobiographical one, about learning to live with regret. Raw vocals and gentle instrumentation meld together to create this emotional song.

Kiesza – “You’re The Best”

After a 2 year hiatus, Canadian pop singer-songwriter Kiesza is back with a brand new single, “You’re The Best”. Check out her new video for this catchy, synth-driven tune.


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