Some weeks it’s pretty dang hard to whittle all the great new releases down to eight. While technically we could put as many songs as we want on here (cuz hey, it’s our site), I’ve taken on the difficult task of selecting only eight to share with you fine folks. Hope you like ’em – I think they’re real swell.

Sun Dog – “Millennial Man”

Really cool track from this Alaskan band – “Millennial Man” is chilled out garage rock with some psychedelic influences throughout. Love their own description of it: “Leaving a longterm relationship, and entering the dating scene in Alaska was as easy as ever for a 24 year old rock goddess with a mullet…. but why the hell does every Alaskan guy drive a camper van? This song is about embracing your cliches. You either die boring, or live long enough to become a caricature of yourself.” 

Jeremy Voltz – “Like The Very First Time”

The ever-talented musician Jeremy Voltz just released his latest single, “Like The Very First Time”. Jeremy and co-writer Beatchild started writing it in 2018, and then finished off the song’s story two years later. It’s a “bittersweet love song to a memory that once was”.

Red River Hymn – “L’Anguille”

Next up we have a solid indie rock tune from L’Ainguille. Their goal with this one was to “sound like a southern rock bar band covering a punk song”, and I think they’ve managed to do just that. Give it a spin!

Idiophyle – “I’m Just Fine”

There’s a bit of a Radiohead quality to the music in this one (which I love), and the vocals remind me of something else that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s familiar in a great way and I definitely dig it. In their own words: “”I’m Just Fine” surfaces the feeling of battling and overcoming anxieties and fears. Pruett immediately sets the song up at a fast pace, immersing the listener into a rushed tense feeling, and appropriately produces the arrangement to exhibit a sense of relief.” 

Slow Down Molasses – “Some Fine Action”

If you’re looking for something lo-fi and shoegazey, here’s a new track from indie rock band Slow Down Molasses. Their latest track, “Some Fine Action”, is a “heart-wrenching attempt at a love song, detailing the strain of not feeling like you’re enough”. Killer riffs, and raw vocals help to make this a must-listen.

Midnight Chic – “Cant Get Enough”

Here’s the latest from UK band Midnight Chic. Another solid indie alt-rock track, perfect for fans of Royal Blood, The Struts, and similar band. There’s some serious energy in the chorus that I can’t get enough of, and I would love to see this live.

Umbrella Man – “Distraction”

Holy energy on this one! Love the quickness and drive, and the switch around 1:35. From the band: “This track is about the numerous distractions that come with modern life. It has driving and frantic guitar lines, which are supposed to convey an inability to focus, or get anything done.” 

Goodnight Native – “Peregrine”

This next song by Goodnight Native from Denver, Colorado has a really interesting intensity to it. There’s a lot of instrumental build, while the vocals stay fairly chilled out. It creates a very cool sound that I found intriguing. This kind of track could appeal to a wide span of audiences, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.