Forget about the lousy Smarch weather, and get lost in some solid new tunes today. We’ve got 8 tracks you’re sure to dig!⁠

Graywave – “Swallow”

The UK’s Grawave just released this moody, dark wave-dream pop track, and it’s one to listen to. Graywave is a solo multi-instrumentalist, and their talent is truly impressive.

Monowhales – “He Said / She Said (I Wait)”

Another poppy indie rock banger from Canadian band, Monowhales. If bars and clubs were open, this would be the track that everyone would yell to turn up louder when it comes on. Check it out! 

The Long War – “Robot Heart”

An instantly likeable indie rock track from The Long War is next on our list – it’s the perfect mix of upbeat with melancholy twinges mixed in. Killer melodies, you just might wanna sing along. 

Wes Hoffman – “What’s Left Of Me”

The new single from Wes Hoffman has a great punk style, with some pop punk sensibilities and a solid rock sound. Really enjoying this one!

Venus Demilo – “Alone In My Head”

In the mood for some indie pop? The UK’s Venus Demilo just dropped a new single, and it has some great vibes to it. Dance like no one is watching, because they probably aren’t!

Harker – “The Beast Must Die”

Really diggin’ this new single from UK “emogaze” band, Harker – this alt-punk garage-y track is an evolution for the band and “sees Harker at their most experimental yet, delving into new sonic territories evolving out of the bands earlier radio-popfuzz rooted sound – pulling in more left field influences, such as Sonic Youth, Jets To Brazil & Black Sabbath.”

Vandoliers – “Every Saturday Night”

This indie folk single from Vandoliers is about “the value of hindsight, and not appreciating what we’ve got till it’s gone”. It’s catchy, with rock sensibilities and some stellar strings. 

Tribe Friday – “get up!”

Let’s end things on an upbeat note, shall we? This track has tons of great energy, and is fully worthy of a rock ‘n roll Living Room Dance Party.