Sooner than planned, we’re back with the next collection of 8 must-hear tracks! Here’s another all-Canadian selection of new tunes that we’re diggin’.

Little Nerves – “No Time Like The Present”

Niagara’s own Little Nerves have snagged the top spot on our list, and we can’t wait to hear more from them! You may recognize the lead singer, none other than Oscar (aka DRFTR), featured in past FTS videos. Have a listen to this track from Little Nerves, and keep an eye out for when they play near you – they’re a must-see, and they’re bound to blow up.

Sandra Bouza – “Almost Love”

A lifelong musician, Sandra Bouza has recently released her latest EP, Three Years, a nod to her three years of sobriety. What started as an angry breakup song ended up becoming this song about empowerment, with a bedroom pop / retro-soul feel. – check out “Almost Love”.

Pleasure Craft – “Everything Is Fine”

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Sam Lewis is the man behind Pleasure Craft. This project goes far beyond genre-bending, and creates its own section of the musical spectrum. The result is a synth-pop-new-wave-yacht rock-dance-acid trip that would have David Byrne’s approval. Have a listen to the new single, “Everything Is Fine”.

Nikki’s Wives – “Shaking Hands With The Devil”

If you took Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, added some grit and a chorus that screams “rock anthem”, you’d be in the ballpark of Nikki’s Wives latest track, “Shaking Hands With The Devil”. I defy you not to bop your head to this one, and have it stuck in your head longer after you listen. Go on. Try.

Quiet Crimes – “Alice”

There’s such a great Queens of the Stone Age vibe to “Alice”, the new single by Quiet Crimes. That guitar riff just grabs you right away. It’s a song about addiction, specifically addiction to a person, using water as a metaphor – check it out!

Driftwood People – “Always”

In a similar vein to Half Moon Run and Said The Whale, Driftwood People have found a great balance between catchy, easy listening & indie rock sensibilities. Always is the synth-y, danceable second single from their upcoming album, to be released in 2020.

Zuffalo – “Saskatchewan”

While this one isn’t technically so new – it came out in August – we’re sharing it anyway! The Toronto band is known for their groove-filled riffs and funked-up melodies, and this song is no exception. Have a listen!

The Swoons – “Conspiracy of Silence”

Technically a US-based band, The Swoons also have roots in Canada – so, in our opinion, it counts! “Conspiracy of Silence” is their new song, as well as their debut single and video as a 4-piece. It’s a great track that “encourages humanity to stay truthful, honest, and vocal politically and candidly”, and a captivating video to go alongside it. Give it a watch.


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