8 Tracks

We’ve been a little quiet for the past couple of weeks due to technical issues and attacks on our site. But we’re (hopefully) on our way back to normal, and trust me – these songs were worth the wait. Check out the mini-reviews and info from the artist, then turn these eight songs waaaaaay up. 

Mattie Leon – “Backroad Medicine”

Let’s kick off our latest collection with someone we all know and love, Mattie Leon. He’s just released this fantastic single from his upcoming album, and the song evokes some pretty relatable feelings.  From The Artist: Lyrically the song is about getting outside and trading the phone and the tv for some fresh air.  I noticed my appreciation for open spaces grew during the last few years. Yes, I missed seeing loved ones, friends, performing, and being social during the pandemic but I noticed that being outside made me feel GOOD.This song is about the need to step outside and get away from that stuff.”

The Blackwater Fever – “Love Is Strange”

Serious grooves, compelling vocals, and an overall sexy rock style make this a stand out song, perfect for fans of QOTSA. From The Band:With a premise to recreate a song with the same gloomy sentiment of Chris Isaak’s hit Wicked Game, Love Is Strange reaches for that same melancholy aesthetic and encases it in a powerful rock arrangement with visceral guitars and tough driving drums. Portraying a dark dissonance between two lovers. This impassioned and electrifying single, treats fans to another exciting preview to TBWF’s 6th studio album ‘Temptator’, out 27th October.

Valkyrie – “Lights Go Down”

This is some great pop-tinged rock from New Zealand with powerful female vocals. The chorus really lets those vocals shine, with its big rock energy and catchy melodies. From the Band:“We came up with the basic idea of this song probably about four years ago,” explains vocalist Omer. “We loved it but couldn’t think of a proper story for it so we let it sit for a few years. Then one night I imagined a beautiful stripper on stage doing exactly what she does to perfection, being completely hypnotic and I could see all these men around her in a trance and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she had them in the palm of her hands. And it was game over for them all. That’s what I saw and I just fell in love with the idea of how sexy and how powerful women truly are then the story for the song came pretty easy after that.”

Taxes – “Asbestos”

It’s rare to find a song that has the catchiness of this one, while also still keeping the rock edge we lean toward. Clean indie rock vocals, great melodies, a seriously likeable song overall! From the Band: “Lead track from Taxes’ new record – their first output since 2014 – featuring vocals from Aishlin Harrison (Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison’s daughter)”

Bad Tide – “Letters, for now…”

This new song from Bad Tide is insanely infectious – the guitar riffs, the catchy melody… everything makes you wanna turn it up too loud and move along to it. It’s solid alt rock with a bit of a classic sound that makes it extra compelling. From the Band: “When I was 21 I struggled with drug addiction and was incarcerated for 2 years. I communicated only through letters with my loved ones. This song is for one person who stuck by my side the whole time, and loved me even when I was incapable of loving myself.”

William Bleak – “Felt This Way ( Midnight Version)”

Another stellar post-punk song from William Bleak. “Felt This Way” brings out the best of the genre, with the moodiness, the catchy lyric repetition, and the build after the two-minute mark. From The Band: Post Punk Song about struggles (with mental illness) that you carry with you for your whole life, yet may be invisible to others.

CHUNK – “The Answer”

What’s better than a punk track that is insanely catchy, but also has a message? Not much – and this song checks off those boxes and more. Listen to this song multiple times in a row to really hear all the nuances and layers. The chorus will get you on your feet. From the Band: “Hate is a cancer. Love is the answer. Punk rock is not dead. Justice for the Iranian protesters.

The Sarandons – “Letting On”

Another killer new song courtesy of The Sarandons. This one has a mellow slowburn feel to it, with a captivating chorus that you’ll want to join in on. From the Band: “Album opener “Letting On” cashes in with bristling honesty, soliloquizing in between blips of joy emitted from elated shrieks of pitch-shifted guitars: “Have you come for my ghost? / Are you here just to even the score? / Well you ain’t letting on / The only thing you’re thinking of / Just some higher law for you.”