8 Tracks

It’s the first 8 Tracks feature of 2023, and we’ve got some heavy hitters for you to check out. Read the mini reviews, learn more from the artists, and then give the eight songs a spin!

August Gonzalez – “Trippin’

August Gonzalez is back with another killer track, mixing genres and styles and creating something uniquely hers. This one has an explosive sound – if you’re not moving along to it, you might be a robot. From the Artist:“‘This was a song I wrote about 10-11 years ago about the first and last time I tried acid. So I found out later on that the acid strip I took was actually 10 hits of acid and I tripped for 14 hours so you can imagine how scary it really was.’ says August ‘The chorus is the scariest part of the trip. In this part of the trip I got tunnel vision and thought I saw myself dying. I looked down and there was blood all over my arms, I was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and I wasn’t sure if I was alive or dead. And I remember asking my sister if I was dead and she started freaking out and was like “NO wtf?!” and after that the trip got pretty bad. My sister had to hold me and calm me down because I was having a hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn’t. I kind of lost my mind for a second and forgot I was on drugs’ 

Citrus – “corduroy”

Love the heavy shoegaze in this next single from CITRUS. It’s so moody and distorted, striking a balance between soft and heavy. Turn it up, and get lost in it. From The Band:“big shoegaze guitars and gentle vocals create a sleek contrast which introduces a heavy promising alternative sound.”

Dead In Love – “Gone With Stupid”

This song caught my attention right away – as a huge fan of The Kills, the similarities really drew me in. But Dead In Love also put their own spin on the sound, creating something gritty, edgy, and absolutely captivating – this one makes you wanna stomp your feet. From the Band: “It’s a song about being surrounded by idiots.”

Definitely Barney – “Bruce Lee”

This fuzzed out alt-rock tune is sure to capture the attention of anyone who digs QOTSA, Royal Blood and Artic Monkeys. Stellar riffs and compelling vocals create a sound that will embed itself in your head and want more. From The Band:“I went to a party this year and saw this man that only has a blue tick to his name just absolutely lead on and hurt this person without realising the consequences of his actions. This song started as a criticism of Hollywood and how many people have been neglected in the process of its successful operation but ended as an exploration of what modern fame and clout does to someone’s ego and removes their sense of consequences”

Doll Riot – “B-29”

More Doll Riot on FTS! I’m endlessly impressed by this band, and their new track is another incredible one. The chorus is pretty damn catchy, while still holding onto that signature Doll Riot edge. From the Band: “It’s a metaphorical song comparing the Hiroshima bombings to a broken heart.”

Nothing Special – “Julia”

Love the energy of this track by Canadian band, Nothing Special. It’s a solid mix of alt rock, pop-punk and emo, with an upbeat vibe and catchy vocals. I bet this one is huge live. From The Band:“Produced by two-time Grammy award-winner Dave Schiffman (PUP, Jimmy Eat World, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Julia is the debut single on Nothing Special’s upcoming record and explores a lack of confidence in a new relationship. The track fuses elements of Midwest emo with pop punk and high energy to create an uplifting, powerful sound. ” 

King No-One – “Neighbours”

Catchy indie rock at its best! King No-One’s latest is a compelling pop-tinged, fast-paced rocker with an entertaining video to boot. Good luck trying not to move along to this track! From The Band: “Neighbours is about letting go of fears of people’s expectations of yourself. In that little way where society tries to bend you into the person that they want you to be. Neighbours boast an arrogant reply of ‘Surprise, you don’t know us at all, now F**k off’ A song for all the people who’ve felt society has forced them into a jar instead of trying to understand them. The story metaphor is inspired by the most horrific NYE party we’ve ever had where Zach drove a toy car through James’ bedroom door.

Strawberry Fuzz – “Dropout”

Great energy from the get-go – this song is an impeccable mix of garage rock and punk, impossible not to bop along to. It’s so damn catchy, even the guitar solo gets stuck in your brain. So good. From The Band: ” “In high school, it was casual to see kids taking pills in the bathroom. South LA is a nice beach community but a lot of kids were getting into heavy shit fast. Luckily, I was a stoner back then so, I didn’t get caught up in the oxy.