8 Tracks

This week’s list features a bunch of heavy hitters, and some familiar Canadian artists included for good measure. Read the mini reviews, check out the artist info, then get these tunes in your ears!

The Jailbirds – “Sludge”

The latest from The Jailbirds has grunge-y, early 90s style guitar riffs, a chorus with big rock energy, and verses that set an almost creepy tone to the song… in a great way. From the Band: Their uneasy new song, “Sludge,” was inspired musically by bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, grunge era type stuff, and features fuzz pedals galore. “Sludge” was just a working title at first, but it ended up fitting so well with the vibe of the song. Sludge was a perfect metaphor for the toxic behaviour that’s mentioned in the lyrics.

MONOWHALES – “Change###”

Here’s the latest from MONOWHALES – “Change###” is a groovy, seductive, and compelling track that hook its teeth into you right from the start and doesn’t let go ’til the last note. From The Band: “Hook-heavy, but more groove-based, “Change###” pushes the boundaries of what a rock song can be. The focus track features an explosive rhythm-section in the guitar solo and lead vocalist Sally Shaar’s Robert Plant-esqe wailing of emotion carries into the final chorus. Drummer Jordan Circosta explains, “We wrote Change### at a time when it felt like the world was spinning out of control. I’ve never seen so much division in my life. People were in a lot of pain, and the media was taking advantage of that, pitting people against each other like caged animals. Some of it was valid, some of it wasn’t, and at a certain point it became almost impossible to tell the difference.”

Headstones – “Psychotropic”

Here’s the latest from Headstones, a hard-hitting, fast-paced, punk-tinged rock track from their upcoming album Flight Risk. You’ll want to turn the volume way up for this one! From The Band: “Since the release of their last album, Headstones frontman Hugh Dillon has maintained a frenetic pace, balancing writing and recording new music with his acting and producing duties. Most recently, he co-created Paramount+ original series Mayor Of Kingstown with Taylor Sheridan who he previously worked with on the critically acclaimed drama Yellowstone. “Psychotropic,” the latest single to be shared from Flight Risk, is a relentless ripper about our profound need to connect. Recorded in a single take.”

Leatherette – “Sunbathing”

Another killer song from Italian band Leatherette, and their fantastic post-punk sound. “Sunbathing” manages to evoke palpable emotion within its rawness and almost pop-like sensibilities. From The Band: “A brilliant song about hope, dreaming of a better life and telling the world to go f**k itself when needed. It sounds loud, fast and rough, an irresistible punk-shoegaze anthem. The band explains: “‘Sunbathing’ was almost born as a joke, it came out of nowhere. We wanted to write a happy cheesy pop song and then completely destroy it from within”

Trauma Cat – “The Reporter”

Great new track from Trauma Cat – this one tells a compelling story alongside pop-punk vibes and a vocal style that makes sure you’ll want to keep listening. From The Band: “A clever story of a young journalist cutting his teeth with a pop-punk, Green Day-esque musical backdrop.” 

The Higher – “Elvis in Wonderland”

After 10 years of hiatus, The Higher is back with a brand new single – pop rock at its best, this one will have you dancing along throughout. Sure to be an anthem among their fans, it’s a song that deserves your attention. From the Band: ““Elvis in Wonderland” is a commentary on the sensation that Las Vegas brings to those who desire a much needed escape. Coupled with hard-hitting kicks and danceable guitar licks, “Elvis in Wonderland” is the perfect playbook to that early 2000s emo and pop rock energy we all know and love.” 

Club Panther Claw – “Boys ‘n’ Girls”

This song is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age when they’re at their absolute best – killer sound from this New Zealand band. Can’t wait to hear more. From the Band: “Have you ever wondered why we’re always chasing the next shiny object like a junkie who needs another fix, Maybe a catastrophic event is the only thing that can unify us.”

Definitely Barney – “Love Drunk”

Right from the first verse, the chugging rhythm and alluring vocal styles will have you hooked. The chorus is fantastic in its simplicity, and enough to keep this one stuck in your head for days. From The Band: “A song about intimate moments with someone where you’re not sure just how deep you’re falling in that moment”