8 Tracks

This week we’ve got some new artists along with some familiar names, and all eight of these tracks are worthy of your earholes. Dive in, check out the mini reviews and artist info, then give ’em all a spin!

sweethearts – “the handling of a horse

If you’re a fan of Weezer, or the Pixies, this our first track is for you. A killer slice of grungy pop, sweethearts add a well-placed heavy kick to the chorus. From the Band: “the song title is influenced by Daniel Johnston’s ‘walking the cow’, the metaphor of pulling the weight and how to handle it. lyrically the song is similar. Discussing how to handle emotions and how they come in waves which we have tried to re create with the soft verses and hard chorus’, also influenced by pixies.” 

The Rare Occasions – “Seasick”

This one grabbed me right from the get-go, and had me dancing along to this earworm ’til the end. Great energy in this rock track – it should definitely be on your radar. From the Band: ““Seasick” is the latest single from The Rare Occasions, and the first new track from the band since their newfound virality with “Notion”. The song discusses the passage of time and the unrelenting forces of chaos and directionality that time wields over us all. Set to a teetering backdrop of surf rock tones and nautical imagery, “Seasick” reminds us to pause every so often amidst the tumultuous waves to see how far we’ve traveled.”

Near Beer – “Dead Drummers”

Here’s a great pop punk / alt-rock hybrid from Near Beer – perfect for fans of Pup, Cage the Elephant, and everyone in between. From the Band: “The song was recorded soon after a friend’s memorial service as a tribute to him and a few other good friends we lost during the pandemic. We wanted to capture the reckless spirit of buddies who find a surrogate family in the music scene. The song ends up being a snapshot of the mixed bag of emotions that go into grief–anger, longing, but ultimately the hope that being in a silly rock band can actually provide some kind of healthy cathartic release.”

The Breaks Inc. – “How So”

Here’s the latest from an FTS favourite, The Breaks Inc. This one goes in a different direction than their usual singles, with a melancholy vibe and melodies for days. As the kids say, this might hit you in the feels. From the Band: “This song was written during the final days of a particularly bad relationship – almost like coming to terms with death just before it happens. I sat at the bar of my favorite venue in NYC (with a glass of water because I don’t drink) and wrote the lyrics on some cocktail napkins. I took them home and sat at my piano and the song was done in less than 30 minutes. I didn’t intend to write such a melancholic song when I started; the first chord was actually inspired by Gilbert O’Sullivan, who I had just met that same week after seeing him play City Winery in Manhattan. The song is not really about the relationship; it’s more about mourning the death of better times; times you might not have even lived yourself, but you still miss them just the same as if you had.” 

Dead Freights – “Who Said Scared?”

Love this sound from the UK’s Dead Freights – it’s a solid mix of goth-tinged alt rock and catchy indie punk; perfect for fans of The Libertines (who they recently toured with). From the Band: “It’s a reflection of being with someone I loved, after the lust phase, where the relationship needed a new oxygen to survive and latched onto each others fear of being alone. It’s about how you tear each other apart before you’ll leave, the final act where the memories of romance are still fresh but the horrible end is in sight.”

The Northwest – “Unsober October”

Here’s a brand new one from another FTS favourite The Northwest. This is the latest single from their recent EP, All In. The video for “Unsober October” was filmed at a recent show of theirs – check it out, then go back and read some of our past interviews with the band!

The Minimum Wage – “Afraid of Everyone”

Niagara’s own The Minimum Wage have just released their debut EP, entitled Small Stakes, alongside this gem of a single. Just one listen and you’re likely to have this stuck in your head for awhile. You’re welcome! From the Band: “”Afraid of Everyone” is kind of an obvious handshake with pandemic life – during and post.  People just seemed to line up on either side of seemingly ANY issue…no matter how trivial and find reasons to disagree and bicker  – and to what end ya know? What did either side ever accomplish? Here we are on the other side – through the looking glass – and instead of celebrating it we just finding reasons to fear or hate each other.”

Silverstein – “Live Like This”

Ok, so this one came out back in May – but hey, better late than never! This track is a collaboration with nothing, nowhere, from their new album Misery Made Me. It’s got the killer screamo energy you’d expect, with catchy melodies and emotional vocals. From the Band: “For the first time in our career, we truly put it all out there.  We went into this with no rules and no preconceived notions of what Silverstein is or what it could be. We somehow wrote the heaviest, saddest, catchiest, and most emotional songs in 22 years of being a band … all on the same album.”