We’ve got some heavy hitters in this week’s “8 Tracks”, plus some bands you may not have heard yet (but definitely need to know). Read some mini reviews, learn more about the artists, and listen to a handful of songs that should be on your radar.

Jenny Berkel – “Just Like A River”

Another beautiful folk track from Jenny Berkel, where her poetry shines through as always. (Plus there’s an adorable dog in the video – what more could you want?) From the Artist: “Exploring the openness and non-linear nature of time, “Just like a River” feels like a mellow meditation. A recreation of moments where small, specific reveries gave way to more sprawling contemplation–but in an appreciably peaceful and illuminative way.”

The F-Use – “It’s Not Over”

Killer melodies turn to hard rock screams, and it comes together so well. It’s a great blend of accessible alt rock and heavier moments. From the Artist: “All music is written and played by Matthew Estevez. I wrote this song with the idea of what I wish I had to listen to when I was younger and needed an aggressive song to listen to that would also lift my hopes up.” 

Pacifico – “The Red Eye / We Won’t Go Back Here”

There’s something super catchy about this track, but it remains a rock song at its core. I love the energy and driving guitar. From the Band: “This song deals with the lack of empathy and care we have for others in our society. Through the pandemic and current social and political situation, I see so much hate and discord. This song is about putting yourself in other shoes, and caring for and loving others, even when you disagree.” 

The Darcys – “Washed Away”

We’re always happy when a new song comes out by The Darcys, and this one has a killer video to boot! From the Band: “”Washed Away” is about trying to keep your head above water. The expectation for new music and endless content means sink or swim for artists like us. If you’re not always generating, releasing, and growing, it’s easy to feel like you’ll quickly be forgotten,” the band explains. They continue about the video, “The lyrics tackle some pretty heavy stuff, so we wanted the video to counter that with something fun and literal to capture those themes. There’s really nothing more literal than watching us pretend to be totally fine as we struggle to keep our heads above water.”

POESY – “Still Breathing”

This high energy, powerful indie pop song from Canadian artist POESY is definitely one you need to check out. From the Artist: “Entitled “Still Breathing”, the song is the first single off of her forthcoming full length. While the first half of the album touches on a lot of life’s anxieties as we move through trauma, “Still Breathing” realizes the power in forging ahead after a challenging time. Paired with punk-rock guitars and a soaring chorus, POESY proclaims: “cause you’re nothing, and I’m still breathing.” 

Terror Cult – “Eight Eight Sixty Nine”

Here’s a great punk / alt rock track from UK band Terror Cult. If you’re liking Pup right now, these guys are next on your list to dive into. From the Band: “TERROR CULT release their new single “Eight Eight Sixty Nine”. This song is an amalgamation of the band’s defining qualities: an alt rock banger complete with a dark lyrical subject matter, punk-jazz influences and one of the most infectious vocal melodies you’ll hear in a while.” 

Victory Chimes – “New Mode”

Such a cool and unique sound to this single, like if Arcade Fire was heavily inspired by Radiohead’s In Rainbows album, and put their own spin on it. From the Artist: “Down the rabbit hole of psych synth layers, sub bass drones and hypnotic hip hop drums, you’ll find the new Victory Chimes record, When The Fog Rolls In, from Montreal rocker Jeff Louch. Produced by Louch, Alex Formosa and Jace Lacek (The Besnard Lakes), “New Mode” represents the overall vibe of the full-length album. Written around the circular bassline, its wavelike feel inspired some of the water imagery. Linking a series of images, the pulsing track touches on issues of identity, facing demons, death, rising to potential and new beginnings.”

The Entrepreneurs – “Flat Earth”

There’s a great shoegaze-y element to this alt rock single by The Entrepreneurs from Denmark. It has bit of a 90s feel, in the best way possible, and I’m looking forward to hearing what they have coming out next. From the Band: “Flat Earth has very little to do with the (… global) Flat Earth-movement, but working titles have a habit of sticking around and this one did so long enough to become the real deal – the bona-fide, official title. This full-throttle, alt. rock track – both in a sonic and emotional sense – was first demoed during the Wrestler-sessions, but felt like it belonged somewhere else entirely. Thankfully, it’s found its home on the upcoming EP TOURISM and its chorus is likely to stick to your brain much like its title did the track.”