Let’s end off the month with some great new tracks from artists you may not know – yet. In this “8 Tracks” we’ve got bands from all over, including right here in Canada, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. Turn ’em up!

OurGlassZoo – “Here”

Here’s a great song from Canadian band OurGlassZoo. It’s got an accessible appeal alongside a powerful chorus and big vocals. From the Band: “The new song from OurGlassZoo was inspired by the singer’s (Josias Tschanz) experience working on the Eastside of Vancouver through a volunteer organization. It deals with the misconception of homelessness in the city through the eyes of a close friend that was lost. Vancouver is a place of two minds: on one hand, it is wealthy, shining and beautiful – constantly growing. On the other hand poverty, addiction and hardship abound.”

Maxïmo Park – “Great Art”

This one will get you boppin’ along to it – great indie rock sound, catchy chorus, and engaging guitar riffs. Really dig it. From the Band: ““Great Art” is their first new music since the release of their acclaimed 2021 album Nature Always Wins, which peaked at #2 on the Official UK Albums Chart. It is a song that distils the frustrations felt by a decade-plus of right-wing rule in the UK that has decimated communities, generational and international relations – and notably the arts world. Please give it a listen below.”

Gold Stars For Everyone – “Saturn”

Here’s solid alt-rock song with lots of energy and captivating melodies. This band is definitely one to watch! From the Band: “Saturn is a song for the heretics and the nine rings of hell.”

Riverhaven – “What Would Happen Then?”

Need some uplifting indie? Here ya go! This new track from Riverhaven is tailor-made for summer drives with the windows down. A bit of lightness that we could all probably use right now. From the Band: “This is the track to make your summer indie dreams come true! It’s an amazing blend of happiness and indie Rock. This song is about pushing the boundaries of your mind and spirit and delivers that message with an upbeat rhythm and amazing guitar tones. The perfect song to dance like a fool or scream at the top of your lungs with the windows down. This song breaths the heart of the indie Nashville alt rock scene.” 

Fuzzy Edges – “Luna”

This track is a shoegazey ride back to 90s indie/alt rock. Great fuzz, great melodies, and an overall fantastic indie track. From the Band: “”Luna” is influenced by shoegaze and 90s alternative rock. Check it out!”

Wortel – “Smile”

Here’s a cool track all the way from the Netherlands – this one is a raw yet modern take on a classic rock sound. From the band: “‘Smile’ is a modern, hard-hitting take on a classic rock-‘n’-roll track. With the drums and bass knocking you out with a left-right combination of punches, and unforgiving guitarlines this song is sure to get your body moving. Halfway through the song you will be treated to a truely rocking guitar solo and breakdown. The track is about being in a relationship putting up an act and forcing a smile even though you both know that it’s not going well. One thing is for sure: you won’t be forcing a smile when listening to this one!”

Yes Trespassing – “Any Less Than Everything”

Great energy to this track, perfect for fans of late 90s – early 2000s alt rock. Give it a listen, and stick around for the great outro! From the band: “This song is an explosive, energetic masterpiece that we could not be more proud of. It’s very introspective lyric-wise, discussing the fear of not making the most of your time on Earth, and wanting to constantly evolve as a person to become your best self for other people. The melody is catchy, authentic and driving. The solo melody is a force to be reckoned with during live shows! Overall, this song is inspired by 90’s and 2000’s rock like the Foo Fighters and Switchfoot. Rock it!”

French Alps Tiger – “Lost Boys”

This new single from French Alps Tiger is a fun, post-punk tinged track that’s sure to make you wanna hear more from these guys. From the Band: “‘Lost Boys’ is French Alps Tiger’s fifth single and is a slacker rock, surf punk anthem to fling yourself around in grimy venues. For fans of Weezer, FIDLAR & Wavves and produced by Chris Dimas of Canada’s Surf Dads and Bleeker, Russ (French Alps Tiger) explains: “Fuck Peter Pan and fuck Keifer Sutherland. ‘Lost Boys’ is a razor sharp, white knuckle, dirty bomb, from the east side of The Costa Del Swan. Skate-Punk for the Blind Drunk. You didn’t have to think of the last thing you thought of. So why try, Eh? Instead, enjoy this Ode to all those consciously pissing into the wind, just because they’re used to the taste, and feel uncomfortable not being drenched in a mess of their own making”