The world is a scary and sad place right now, and we could all use a song or two to distract us – even just briefly. Here are eight new singles from all over, with lots of great tracks from talented Canadians. Learn about the songs and the artists, and give the songs a listen.

Highline – “Enough for You and Me”

Great indie/ alt rock here, for fans of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and catchy indie rock in general. Great production on this, can’t wait to hear more. From the Band: “Following a productive output in 2021 which saw Highline release their sophomore EP and perform to sold out venues around Sydney, the band make a quick return in 2022, armed with their most ambitious new release to date.”

SquareHead – “Getting My Hopes Up”

Really diggin’ this song – it’s the first single from Canadian indie punk band SquareHead. It has solid riffs and punk energy, plus catchy melodies. what more could you want? From the Band: This song lyrically is based on a person I was seeing during one summer. I met her while she was in a relationship, but shortly after that relationship ended we became very close and intimate. We had a strong mutual connection, but unfortunately she couldn’t shake off her first love (that being her ex-boyfriend) and thought it would be better to not see each other anymore. This song is basically about meeting the right person at the wrong time due to unfortunate circumstances. The lyrics have subtle references to painting and art since she was an artist.”

VEERS – “Don’t Let It Be Me”

Very cool sound from UK band VEERS – this one is for fans of QOTSA, Royal Blood, and Foals. Great energetic drums and rock riffs, with a groove you’ll wanna move to. From the Band: “This song’s basically about swimming against the tide, not being left behind and, in these times, how difficult everything is,” James says. “There’s always the man putting you down, and sometimes you feel like there’s not anyone beneath you — you’re at the bottom of the pile. Sometimes it feels like you’re getting nowhere, but when you look back, you really are.”

Grace McKagan – “Baby That’s Rock ‘n Roll”

There’s something about this single that reminds me of one of my favourite bands, The Kills. It drew me in to this song, but Grace’s unique rock styles kept me hooked. Probably doesn’t hurt that she’s Duff McKagan’s daughter! Rock ‘n roll surely runs in the whole family’s veins. From the Artist: “Rock n roll has a deep authenticity which can sometimes get lost in how it’s portrayed in mainstream pop culture and the song is a bit of a nod to that.” States Grace. “I really love songs that have an infectious and cool rhythm paired with a fun story. Songs like “Hands Around My Throat” by Death In Vegas and artist including Suicide, Iggy Pop and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.” The track was recorded in her hometown of Seattle last spring during the pandemic with producer Isaac Carpenter and bandmates Blues Williams, and Trent Peltz.”

Plastic Tofu – “Yell of My Heart”

There’s a bit of a 90s feel to this track (for me, anyway), and I’m really liking the driving guitars and catchy chorus. From the Band: “This song is about the pandemic. That we are tired of it. That we are yearning for times before it and can’t for those times to come back.”

Wrong Odds – “Psycho”

Holy energy, batman! Love this debut track from Canadian punk band Wrong Odds. Excited to hear what else they have coming out, I’m sure you can expect to see more here on FTS! From the band: “The song was inspired by the ongoing lockdowns of the pandemic which seems to make everyone go a little bit psycho. As a duo the band performs primarily as guitar, vocals and drums but opted to develop the full band sound for their studio recording introducing additional percussion and bass. They are inspired by the classic ‘77 punk bands and contemporary artists such as The Vicious, Jay Reatard, Drakulas, and The Hex Dispensers. The duo aim to make high energy music that will make you want to dance and sing psycho-o-o-o. “

Meltt – “Only In Your Eyes”

Here’s a danceable indie rock track with some psychedelic vibes and an inherent coolness you can just can’t help but dig. From the Band: “”Only In Your Eyes” is an energetic danceable indie-psychedelic rock single with electronic influences, great for fans of Tame Impala, Foals, STRFKR, and Low Hum. Lyrically, “Only In Your Eyes” explores the idea of time as an unrelenting river that can carry us and our loved ones away. In this river of time nothing is as important as our attempts to find comfort, meaning, and happiness with the ones we love, even though we know some will reach the end of the river before us. “

Nelson Sobral – “Dancing Fool”

Last, but never ever least, our talented pal Nelson Sobral just put out his latest release, “Dancing Fool”. This single is from his brand new album Second Arrow, which is jam packed full of the stellar songs we’ve all come to expect from him. From the Artist: “High-energy opener “Dancing Fool,” about letting go of what no longer serves you, leads the charge with its bombastic chorus, raw swagger, and virtuosic guitar playing.”