8 Tracks

Holy jebus, 2022 has started off with a crazy influx of great new singles. If this is any sign of how the rest of the year will be, we’re in for a good one. So here are eight new tunes and mini reviews for you to check out, and find your new favourites.

Sprints – “Little Fix”

Love the energy and grit on this new track from Ireland’s Sprints – it reminds me of some older British punk, with a take-no-shit attitude – but with heart! From the band: “Plagued by insecurities, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes, Little Fix is the culmination of all my fears – the, sometimes, self applied pressure that as a woman in music I can’t just be good, I have to be great. I feel like I am in a constant state of proving myself. That no matter what I achieve, learn, write, play or sing, there will always be a critic, a voice in the crowd or in my head telling me that it’s still not good enough, that there’s a million men out there who are better and I’ll always just be “good for a girl”. Little Fix is a song that instead of running away from that fear, shit talk and criticism, it runs head first at 100 miles an hour into it. Pulling influence from Thee Oh Sees and Courtney Barnett, it’s lyrically the song I am most proud of and one that on tour proved a serious fan favourite.”

Le Revenant – “Wolfsbane”

A heavier addition to the list, Le Revenant is a Canadian band that pair ambient melodies and post-metal edge. From the band: “This song sort of describes a bad relationship that you can’t get let go over even though it’s slowly killing you.”

A Short Walk to Pluto – “Phantom Lover”

The latest from Toronto band, A Short Walk to Pluto features killer female vocals, and lots of kickass rock guitar, From the band: “As the band’s heaviest track yet, “Phantom Lover” jolts you into an excited fury with lyrics that invoke a sexy and smokey atmosphere full of 20-somethings looking for some action. The title “Phantom Lover” refers to a lover that is only existent for the duration of a one night stand. The next morning, they are merely a phantom.” 

The Satellite Station – “My Home Is You”

Another stellar track from The Satellite Station (Travis Rue). This song has an upbeat indie folk sound, poppy enough to make it accessible, and indie rock enough that it has some grit to it. From the artist: “‘My Home Is You’ is about how our houses are just the backdrop of our life, but the feeling of home comes from being close to the ones we love.”

Geneviève Racette ft. Dallas Green – “Someone”

A beautiful folk-pop song from Montreal singer, featuring Niagara’s own Dallas Green. The vocals together are gorgeous,and this track is an absolute must-listen. From the Artist: “Claimed as the most vulnerable song Geneviève has ever written, Someone was penned in 2019 and covers feelings of desire, temptation, seduction and fantasy, and consequently the guilt and shame that comes with it. “Sometimes life throws feelings at you and they’re meant to act as signals. Personally, this was an alarm constantly ringing in my ears telling me my relationship had to end,” explained Racette. Geneviève and Dallas Green connected in 2019 following an Instagram post of her covering City and Colour’s Hello, I’m in Delaware. From there a friendship grew, Dallas supported Geneviève’s 2019 release by sharing it with his fans and invited her to sing the song on stage with him at Quebec’s largest summer festival, Osheaga. Upon Geneviève completing demos for her newest record, Satellite, she shared them with Dallas and it was then that he expressed his appreciation for Someone and asked if he could sing on the track with her. It was a perfect fit, as Geneviève could hear Dallas’ voice singing the song before he asked to be a part of it.”

Bad Penny – “Glitter Guitar”

Super energetic and infectious-as-hell grungey pop punk here from Netherlands group Bad Penny. From the band: “Amsterdam based rock / grunge / punk trio Bad Penny started out super DIY; with more attitude than experience & just to see how far they could go. They haven’t lost the attitude, but the experience they’ve gained resulted in the pleasantly more polished punk of their EP ‘Glitter Guitar’. Glitter Guitar is about desiring something of which you know it will never happen. Getting close, but never really there.”

Moth – “We Go Again”

This song proves that grunge is alive and well. Serious early 90s vibes with a modern twist, and killer vocals to round it out. From the band: “This is my bands new single to help spearhead our movement back into the music scene. Powerful drums, incredible vocals and a sick solo.”

The Minimum Wage ft. Kristen Goetz – “New King” Live & Acoustic (Constantines Cover)

The talented dudes in The Minimum Wage (including our own Nolan Jodes) are back with a new live track, an acoustic cover of “New King” by Constantines. The female vocals on this one belong to me (Kris), so you’ve got two Music Jerks for the price of one. But the real gem of this cover is the insanely talented Sandro Rocco killing it on three different instruments.