Quiet Tongues

London-based quartet Quiet Tongues have had a busy couple of years since their previous iteration as Modra Luna. After the critical praise for their last two singles, Quiet Tongues have just released their latest, “She’s Velvet” – an indie rock gem with catchy riffs and moody vocals.

“She’s Velvet” is us at our loudest & fuzziest,” says Quiet Tongues about the new single. “We reckon it gets straight to the good bit with a few nice surprises along the way. It’s been a part of our set for a long time & we always love playing it live!

The first thing to stand out in “She’s Velvet” is the stellar guitar riff – it really catches the attention right off the bat, and sets the tone for the song. From there, mellow indie rock vocals and melodies push the song forward and create a moody soundscape. If you read FTS often, you’ll know that I’ve been happy to hear guitar solos in new songs again – and this track continues that trend around the minute twenty mark, just before the song hits its climax with some catchy as hell “la la la”s. Then, the singer dials up the intensity on top of heavier guitars and drums. What an ending. It’s no wonder the band loves playing this live, as you can imagine the power and pure rock energy that would come across in concert. If Quiet Tongues is coming to your area any time soon, make sure you’re front and center.

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