Doll Riot
Photo: Alex Tchoukhrova

We haven’t had a proper YHIH feature in quite some time, but this band is one I needed to bring it back for. You may remember Doll Riot from our Q&A feature in September about their single, “Get A Life”. Well, they’re back with a new song, the raw and memorable riot-grrl-style “Mreowrr”.

Hailing from California, Doll Riot is an all-girl garage rock band influenced by bands like L7, Hole, and No Doubt. Vocalist/guitarist Elena Olszak, guitarist Ella Sauer, bassist London Kraus and drummer Lillee Gillum joined forces to cover songs by bands they idolized, only to start writing their own music once the pandemic hit. The frustration of not being able to play live was enough of a muse for the band, resulting in the original music they’ve been releasing ever since.

Of the song, the band says, “This single is about the stereotyping of females for having emotions and the anger that arises as a result“.

From the first note, the gritty rawness grabs the listener and won’t let go. The vocals strike the perfect balance between pretty and aggressive, driving home the meaning behind the song. The heavy sound hits deep, with guitar riffs and basslines that are captivating and edgy. This is riot grrl rock at its best with an underlying punk sound and a definite nod to their 90s contemporaries. To sum it up – this band just rocks.

Listen to “Mrreowrr” by Doll Riot:

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