the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist. 

Good Bandits – “Take a Seat”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Loaded with gritty cowboy guitars, crunchy drums, and big fuzzed out bass, Take a Seat is Good Bandits final single in support of their self-titled full-length debut album (Out October 13th). Written during a summer of listening to The Black Keys, Iggy Pop, and Queens of the Stone Age, there’s no shortage of rock n’ roll here.

Shiny Darkly – “Crazy Smile”

Country: Denmark

Genre: Post-Punk

Words From the Artist/PR: “Crazy Smile” blends layered sounds with black-jacket swagger. As the song unfolds, problems pass from generation to generation, and must be recognized and confronted. But in the end, the longing for old habits never truly goes away.

Bollard – “Supa Thang”

Country: Australia

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: “Supa thang comes from Bollard’s second album Lo. Intertwining bass lines from deep in the hardrives of Bassist/Guitarist Declan Moran form the background for a vignette on isolation and fitting in.”

Boss Battle – “Every Unknown Moment”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Escaping the Mad Max heart of Texas, Boss Battle’s “What Takes You Home” provides the perfect soundtrack for ripping across the desert in a flamethrower loaded Maserati. The immaculate production merges the sensual immediacy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ with the otherworldly scale of Failure. Intricate harmonies dance atop the propulsive synth bass and terse guitar. The lyrics may decry leaden thinking in a burning world, but the expansive chorus foretells a stylish, visceral rebirth. Floor it.

Chaz Cardigan – “Oakblood”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Third single from upcoming LP with AntiFragile Music. Moody, groovy indie rock with an edge towards Coldplay. A subtle bop-along leftist hymn, hoping that the future is better than today.

The Pairs – “Annie’s Daughter”

Country: Canada

Genre: Folk

Words From the Artist/PR: “Annie’s Daughter” is an ode to the resilience of children, and a plea to grown-ups to pay close attention to the ways in which young people push against the confines of our rigid systems and structures. The song was written in celebration of the tenacious, outspoken, restlessly curious, and innovative nature that often accompanies those labeled as trouble-makers or hard to work with.

Chad VanGaalen – “Earth People”

Country: Canada

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Calgarian indie experimentalist Astral Swans and noise-pop multi-media maven Chad VanGaalen have joined forces for a Split EP, featuring three songs of each to be released on October 23 by Astral Swans independently and on lathe cut vinyl via Red Spade Records. The Split EP is the first in a series of sonically stranger releases from Astral Swans continuing into 2024. Birthed from a residency at a downtown hotel in Calgary came a set of experimental pop songs affixed to a moody techno sound-space that sound unlike anything else bearing the name Astral Swans.

Lorriane Bleu – Tales (Of My Old Father)

Country: France

Genre: Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: “Our third ever release, Tales is a song about a guy growing up in Newfoundland hearing stories from his father’s youth and tales of older times.”

Shark Punch – “Adderall”

Country: US

Genre: Punk

Words From the Artist/PR: We wrote this song with the intention on making it the highest energy punk song we can make. Where there’s all gas and no brakes. Lyrics were also based on when the singer first got on his ADHD meds and how he felt when his thoughts changed and were cluttered about the world around him.

LKFFCT – “Shake me out of the dream”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: “Shake me out of the dream” is a quick & punchy punk rock track with a big half time chorus.