Weekend’s here, and we’ve got 8 new tracks to serve as your soundtrack!

Levi Rowan – “Let It Go”

This is pop rock at its best – catchy, lively, fun, but still has enough edge to keep ya into it. Give Canadian artist Levi Rowan a listen! 

Split Second Meltdown – “Flesh and Blood”

Here’s a track from the debut EP from Rob Clores, keyboardist of the Black Crowes, Jesse Malin, and more amazing acts. We dig it! 

The Wilderness – “If I Have To Die”

More great indie rock from Canada’s own The Wilderness – I can imagine this one being fantastic live, but for now you’ll just have to turn up your speakers instead! 

Mr. Gnome – “Gold Edges”

This song is fun as hell, and incredibly catchy. If you’re a fan of Bat for Lashes, Warpaint, and Deerhoof, you’ll love it. 

King Wilderness – “The Healing”

Can’t get the guitar riffs outta my head – here’s a great garage rock tune from King Wilderness. “The Healing” embodies a lot of what rock should be, and I’m looking forward to hearing more. 

Raphy & Adry – “Life Is Calling”

Here’s something a little different for us – Raphy & Adry are an alt-pop-rock band with cello and saxaphone, and their latest single really drew me in. It’s fun, it’s unique, and the video is pretty slick, too.

The Interrogation – “Summer Love (In Hell)”

If you’re a true fan of pop-punk, this track from Canadian band The Interrogation is sure to be a must-have new addition to your playlists. 

Stables – “Silhouettes”

This is some lovely indie folk to close out this week’s list. Vocals shine, guitars sing, and the simplicity is just beautiful.


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