UK-based solo artist Joshua Scurfield has just released a new album via his alternative music project, Shockpowder. Inspired by post-rock, shoegaze, and metal, Shockpowder’s Dreaming From Elsewhere album is a compilation of the artists’ releases from the past couple of years, with a strong 90s sound that creates a palpable feeling of nostalgia.

This album signifies a crucial era in the project’s evolution, aiming to saturate the world with the mesmerizing sound of dreams,” says the artist of Dreaming From Elsewhere. “Infused with a 90s rock vibe, the tracks create a sonic universe of their own, encapsulating the wistful, nostalgic sensations associated with eternity and mortality.

The album kicks off with the shoegazey, grungy “Evergreen Solace,” with a minimalist vocal approach that allows the fuzzy guitar riffs to shine. Another notable standout is  “Swimming In The Clover,” featuring driving guitars and mellow vocals in a post-metal style reminiscent of some of my favourite songs from years past. While it’s a tough choice, this might be my favourite from the whole album. True to the album’s vibe, the song is simultaneously heavy and soft, with beautiful melody. “The Drowning and the Sunset” deserves an honourable mention as well, with its gorgeous shoegaze style, melodic vocals, and atmospheric sound.

Overall, Shockpowder’s Dreaming From Elsewhere is a study in mixing heaviness and light, minimalism and maximalism. Heavy, fuzzed-up guitars are the stars of these tracks, complemented by soft, almost ethereal vocals that don’t try to upstage the musical arrangements. Each song captures emotion, with a keen nod to the 90s and an almost melancholy feeling of nostalgia.

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