About Real Kevin

Real Kevin has been creating their take on garage rock, post-punk & grunge, and performing throughout southern Ontario for the last 2 years. They’ve just released their 2021 double album Ninety Four, featuring eight tracks pulling from their indie rock influence on one side (Ninety Four), and eight tracks that drive toward a heavy grunge sound on the other (‘94). Both sides are on display at their live shows, one of the many reasons the band was a finalist in this past year’s 97.7 HTZ-FM Rock Search.

“Tired” – new video, out now!

“This was originally written from the band perspective of those far, overnight gigs where we’re playing in dives and being apart from everyone. But it has a broader meaning of wondering if what you’re doing with your life is truly worth missing out on being home. We wrote, recorded and produced our new double album “Ninety Four” ourselves.” – Real Kevin

Check out the brand new video for “Tired”

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