About Dom Pavic

Raised in Burlington Ontario, Dom Pavic is a singer/ song writer whose music shimmers with the sounds of 70’s mellow rock, folk rock, and rock country that is flared with a contemporary style. Dom has been performing for 19 years, in several groups and on his own. Recently he has embarked on a solo career and has released his debut solo album Early in the Morning, Late at Night. The album is a blend of timeless song writing with carefully crafted production and musicianship.

ABOUT THE ALBUM: Early in the Morning, Late at Night

The album itself was pieced together from songs I had written years prior and had been sitting on them and not doing anything with the tunes but letting them age.

One day it hit me, I told myself “ ok pal you can keep writing all these songs you love playing, hearing and are confident about all you want; however… if you don’t record these then in the basement is where they will stay forever,” so I said alright fuck it. Let’s take a whack at this, I’m going to record a full length album and once it’s done if nothing comes of it, at least when I’m shitty and old I can have this memento of my music when I was a young man taking the world head-on, full of piss and vinegar.

I came up with the album title after realizing when I do most of my writing, like most creatives / artists out there our brains fall into this artistic vortex in the late hours of the night, for me my sweet spot is 1-3 am. Hence the title Early in the Morning, Late at Night.”
Dom Pavic

ABOUT THE FOCUS TRACK: “When It All Runs Out” 

I wrote “When It All Runs Out” in 2012. The short and sweet about the song would be getting bored of the relationship you’re in and losing that loving feeling.

The chorus speaks about love getting old and fading away between two people and in turn; the relationship being threatened by one of the persons entertaining somebody new that has walked into their life, someone who gives you that honeymoon phase feeling that has dissipated in your current relationship.

The first verse uses phrases like “ van broke down ran out of gas again” and “ ran out of words that you said were once true” to speak about love wearing out between two people.

The second verse brings us to a situation where many people have been before, going out to your local bar in your hometown and seeing your ex with someone you know, and having to accept the gutting feeling of what is about to transpire.
Dom Pavic

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