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Through her unconventional song structure and experimentalism, Wrené mends the line between reality and surrealism in her work. She is an actor, visual artist, poet, and vocalist fluent in many singing techniques. Wrené brings a unique sound to life through unorthodox musical arrangements and captivating vocal performance. The integration of Avant-garde electronic sound, sampled instruments and soulful vocals lend themselves to an ethereal soundscape, where the counterpoints of beauty and darkness coalesce. The duality of heavy and light electronic sounds characterizes a unique asthetic fused with compelling visual components. The incorporation of many musical influences within each song lends itself to innovation within the electronic pop genre. The lyrics employ poetic imagery- embodying a soulful, and universal emotional truth. The conscious decision to disregard lyrical and visual boundaries allows for true freedom of expression- a movement of rebellion towards conventions of popular music, and its consumption.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Trib Al” out now

“‘Trib Al’ is the result of fusing experimental elements within a pop structure. It is the story of a lustful connection turned divine. It describes the unveiling of a new sexual awakening with the shattering of superficial illusion.

The song begins with a grimy beat- being encircled by a warping and twisting synth bass reminiscent of a snake moving sneakily through the grass. A voice of similar reptilian character begins to sing about her incessant lustful cravings. She describes her hunger for these physical sensations, and expresses her obsession to satisfy these self-fulfilling cravings. When the song reaches the chorus- there is an abrupt explosion of distorted rhythm and glittering synth. There is an orgasmic internal transformation, and the snake-like woman becomes encompassed by an overwhelming force of connection. The transportation is equally ethereal as it is overwhelming for the woman- she describes the darkness within her turning to ‘crystalline’. The song then returns to the beginning of the oscillating cycle upon the next verse.”

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