About The Velvet Grip

Hailing from the lush forests of Central Vancouver Island, the female fronted euphoric/folk/alt rock band “The Velvet Grip” boasts a sound and energy that waxes and wanes like the rough waters from which they began. With a deep breath and hearts beating hard, they step on stage wearing electrically anxious smiles and bare feet. Blending an exciting mix of emotionally charged grooves, dynamic high energy beats, and entrancing, atmospheric layers, this alt-rock quartet will grab you by the shoulders and shake you uncontrollably while guiding you to your soul.

Dani Blond, the enigmatic lead singer, soars high with graceful, compelling vocals, anchored by the metronomic mastery of Wes Napoleon’s kit. On the strings, the high-powered synergy between Quin with one N on the fretless bass and Jesse McCloy on electric guitar will leave you wanting more.

They are inspired by bands such as Florence and The Machine, Sigur Ros and The Weakerthans. They had a successful debut season performing at the Woodstove Festival in Cumberland B.C, and opening for Chase The Bear and Vogue Villains at the Waverley Hotel. They plan to tour the B.C. Festival scene this summer. Their first single “Red Sky” is set to be released March 30th, with several others completed and ready to debut this year.

Dani Blond– vocals, piano and guitar (acoustic &/or electric)
Guitar: Jesse McCloy
Bass: Quin with one N
Drums: Wes Langelier

ABOUT THE SONG: “Red Sky” out now

This song was written and composed by The Velvet Grip’s lead singer after she had stumbled upon an article sharing the psychological effects of war on children in the 21st century.

When I wrote this song I was thinking about these kids who are, today, experiencing the horrors of war as a way of life. This is something I could never understand due to the privileged life I live. This song came tumbling out of me quickly. It serves as a reminder for myself that there are many people in this world having extremely different experiences than mine, and that I am privileged and have an opportunity to feel grateful for what I have.

This is also a song about the human experience. The duality of light and dark that we are all immersed in. This is not only within our external worlds but our internal worlds as well. Peace and war, innocence and treacherousness,the light and the dark, this duality connects us all.” – Dani Blond (vocals)

Stream “Red Sky” – out now

For any more information on the artist, email pr@fromthestrait.com

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