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The Sizzos is a collaborative musical project, formed and fronted by singer, songwriter George Zaninovich. Based in Eugene, OR the project features a host of talented guests whose individual styles offer a distinctive sound that placed the debut album, She’s Driving Down, on a Top 10 of 2021 and “Album Not to Miss” list alongside War on Drugs and Lord Huron. New album, Glitter in Gravel, is out August 4th. Guests who have played with the Sizzos include Greg Fleishut from Brothers Comatose, Hannah Glavor, Kabir Green from The Illumination Band, Alex Chapman from Jeffery Silverstein’s band.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Back to Cold” released on August 4th

This was the first song written after the first album was released. While the first album was nostalgic lyrically, I wanted to create something nostalgic sonically. That led me to more of a shimmering guitar sound and prominent synth that I associate with the ‘80s.

This song was written in about an hour during a horrible bout of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. I was homebound with my family feeling cooped up, frustrated about the toll we take on the planet, and real real hot! So, while I was wishing for fall to arrive and put out the fires and turn everything green again, I decided to mesh my need for cool air and clear skies with the perspective of the environment around me. So, in this song, it is really the planet speaking to me/us.
George Zaninovich, The Sizzos

ABOUT THE Album: Glitter in Gravel released on August 4th

In their second full album, Glitter in Gravel, the Sizzos return with a shoegaze-infused, indie folk rock sound. The album’s atmosphere is buoyed by tight harmonies, vintage synth and new wave guitar blended with acoustic guitar and even banjo. Continuing to probe the depths of relationship and wonder at the world around us, Zaninovich pulls back the curtain and asks us to join him on a pilgrimage that is wistful, unguarded and searching. Love and rebirth glimmer through the album as Zananiovich and bandmates meditate on grief and hope following deep personal loss during the album’s two year creation. With a release targeted for August, the album will be available for
streaming and purchase in digital and vinyl formats.

There are incredible collaborators on this album. Kabir Green helped with production, bass, and backing vocals while Joe Dagostino played some guitar, banjo, slide, ebow, and co-wrote a few of the tunes. The local Portland legend Hannah Glavor sings on two of the songs and Alex Chapman, bassist for Jeffery Silverstein, plays acoustic guitar on three songs. Emily Beebe, who sang on the first album, also lends backing vocals. Finally, Erik Ian Walker who has recorded albums for decades on Bottom Feeder Records played piano on one tune.
George Zaninovich, The Sizzos

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