About The Minimum Wage

Niagara outfit The Minimum Wage creates an untamed brand of indie-punk rock and roll inspired by a wide range of musical influences and tastes. The band released the DIY EP “Small Stakes” on Swear Word Records in 2022, and has since concentrated on bringing their live show to audiences all across Southern Ontario. In late 2023, the band found themselves with a surplus of new material that was finished, road-tested, and ready to record. After a long weekend spent at Unified Recorders Studio in St.Catharines, the band emerged with 6 new tracks.

ABOUT THE SINGLE  “The Minimum Wage” – released on July 11, 2024 on Swear Word Records

“”Minimum Wage” highlights the struggles of the working class living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with physical and financial exhaustion. It contrasts their hardships with the wealth and privilege of politicians and the affluent, questioning claims of a strong economy that seem to benefit only the rich. The song underscores the tough choices faced by minimum wage earners and critiques the hypocrisy of the elite.”
The Minimum Wage

Stream “The Minimum Wage” – Released on July 11th, 2024

For any more information on the band, email pr@fromthestrait.com

Recorded at Unified Recorders
Engineered by Frank Ditillio
Mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan
Mastered by Kristian Montano
Written by Domani
Arranged by The Minimum Wage
Performed by The Minimum Wage

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