About The Minimum Wage

Niagara band The Minimum Wage create an untamed brand of indie rock and roll inspired by a wide range of musical influences and tastes. The band is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Branden Sterling, Sandro Rocco and Nolan Jodes – the trio have been quietly releasing demos to family and friends throughout the pandemic.  

ABOUT THE SINGLE  “Afraid of Everyone” 

“”Afraid of Everyone” is kind of an obvious handshake with pandemic life – during and post.  People just seemed to line up on either side of seemingly ANY issue…no matter how trivial and find reasons to disagree and bicker  – and to what end ya know? What did either side ever accomplish? 

Here we are on the other side – through the looking glass – and instead of celebrating it we just finding reasons to fear or hate each other.” – The Minimum Wage

ABOUT THE EP  Small Stakesout now

“”Small Stakes” is a collection of songs we wrote and recorded very DIY.  The mindset being “let’s see what 3 guys from different musical backgrounds and taste can put together…no bullshit egos, no expectations”. If it didn’t work…- “ah well! we kept the stakes small and at least we had some fun right?” As we progressed and started to build a catalogue – it seemed like that lack of expectation really helped us to not take ourselves too seriously and allowed us to flourish as a cohesive unit. 

As we progress and grow as a band we think it’s important for us to keep that vibe front of mind…”
The Minimum Wage

Small Stakes was recorded and produced by the band themselves who were joined by Ian Romano (drums), Kenneth Roy Meehan (mixes) and Kristian Montano who mastered tracks 1,2,3,4. 

Track 5 was mixed and mastered by Ryan MacDonald at Lionheart Studios in Thunder Bay. 

Stream the Small Stakes EP, including the new single “Afraid of Everyone”!

For any more information on the band, email pr@fromthestrait.com

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