The FTS Indie List

This Month's Indie List Chart

1. Calling Cadence – “Throw My Body”

2.The Beaten – “Keys”

3. Bree Whitworth – “Time”

4. Ryan Thomas Smelle – “Honestly”

5.  Shane Branigan – “Back When we Were Young”

6.  Feed After Midnite – “Sweet Embrace”

7. Speed Control – “Danger Pay”

8. Velour Academy – “Dsprnggirl”

9. Summer Sleep – “Punching In a Dream”

10. Boy Omega – “In Love But Out Of Sight”

11. The Fades – “People in General”

12. Samuel Mason- “Black Masses”

13.  Eleanor Collides – “Fragments and Shadows”

14. Michael Wilford – “Rattle My Bones” (feat. Sail Cassady)

15. The Trampoline Delay – “I Don’t Want to Know”

16. KAMANKO – “Drive”

17. Couchboy -“Blue Tomorrow”

18. Close Kicks – “Small Town, Big Dreams”

19. The Super Moons – “The Man Who Saved the World”

20.  in earnest – “i feel alone even if i’m not”

Congratulations to all of the artists who placed this month! The top ten will automatically be included in the next voting list. If you’d like to submit your song for the next Indie List chart, submissions will open soon!