About Stellar Ash

Stellar Ash is four working-class, suburban dads who spend every moment of precious free-time rocking out. We’ve been cranking out our brand of Niagara Alt-rock for almost five years now and we’re loving every minute of it. Drums, guitars, bass and vocals. Thick Canadian Rock. Stellar Ash.

Dave Rose – Vocals / guitar
Dave Haley – Bass
Warren Jenkinson – Drums
Pat Wheeler – Guitar

ABOUT THE SONG: “Be Ok” out now

“When we were all struggling through the pandemic and lockdowns etc…  It seemed to affect us all in a way that stressed us out and made us more irritable and intolerant.  Everyone seemed to be arguing with everyone.  It’s still pretty much the same now…  This song is a plea to return to common sense while putting the onus on ourselves to make things better. To have harmony. To have unity. To be okay.”
Stellar Ash

“These songs are for you Turp. Forever in our hearts and minds.” – Warren, Stellar Ash drummer

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