About selfpity

selfpity is the one-person project by Simon from Winnipeg, MB. Started in 2019 as a means to experiment with personally un-explored forms of music, the output has varied from electronic/synthpop to now focusing on a more full band approach. More recording is planned for 2022 and, provided covid restrictions lessen, live shows. Current inspiration is taken from early 90’s UK shoegaze (Ride, Swervedriver, Lush) The newest EP “Always Feel the Cold” was released digitally Jan. 14/2022 and will later be released on cassette through Demolition Records of Winnipeg, MB.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Always Feel The Cold” – out now

“”Always Feel the Cold” shares a very common theme with the rest of this new EP, and pretty much every song I’ve ever written – depression and self-loathing. This is something that I and many close to me (I’m sure everyone in some form) have been struggling with, probably amplified with the current state of the world. This has been a way to get out certain feelings and thoughts that are always kept bottled up. 

This song specifically is about coping with growing older, adjusting to changes that you can’t avoid and trying to find happiness in life wherever you can, especially when you have a perpetually pessimistic outlook.” – selfpity

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