About Matthew Ryan Jacobs

Matthew Ryan Jacobs is a musician and songwriter based in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON. He started out playing in rock and alternative bands throughout Ontario in the 2000s and opened for many notable artists early in his career.

In 2019 he made the move to focus on his solo career, and to create the music he was most passionate about. His first EP was released in 2021 and blends elements of folk, delta blues, soul, and rock, and was quickly followed up with another single “The River” (“This is truly excellent. Love it. Well done.” – Alan Cross on the River).

After releasing several more singles in 2022, and 2023, Matthew is set to release a follow-up EP The Trouble in Me in August of this year. A more mature, honest, and refined version of his songwriting; this release has taken the best elements of his previous work and created a unique blend of folk, soul, and rock.

Matthew has been described as an “Indie-Folk Gem” who offers “sincerity and vulnerability in its natural state brilliantly.”

ABOUT The Warehouse Studio Session EP – out on November 24th

“Last November I was in BC and decided to check out The Warehouse. A lot of bands and artists that I’m a fan of have recorded there, so I thought it would be a cool experience to record a couple songs live; and once I found out they had a Neve board I knew I had to.

I wanted to capture a handful of my songs in their infancy. My goal was to have a little time capsule of what the songs sounded like when I first wrote them, just me and a guitar. The recording experience was really cool, Ryan Enockson, who recorded and mixed the songs was great to work with. It was at 10 in the morning and pouring rain out, I couldn’t find parking…but once I got in and set up in the live room I felt great. Everything went pretty smooth, and most of the songs are first or second takes, guitar and vocal recorded together.”
Matthew Ryan Jacobs

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