About Matthew Ryan Jacobs

Matt Ryan Jacobs is a singer songwriter from Kitchener Waterloo Ontario. Incorporating everything he loves into his sound; From Delta Blues to alternative rock, to singer songwriters like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. He’s not comparing himself to any of these people, but you can hear their influence. This has personally been his favourite music he’s ever made. Mostly because it all came so naturally.

All of the The Animals, Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Johnny Cash albums he heard as kid slowly sunk in and led him to find Jimmy Reed, and Muddy Waters. Which led to Freddie King, Buddy Guy, and Little Walter.  Becoming obsessed with tracing back Rock n Roll, and finding the connections of Robert Johnson and Son House through The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin all the way to Jack White. Matthew fell in love with the history and depth of Blues and Folk.

His story is that of a musician who has taken a few wrong paths, maybe been misguided by a few wrong people, but has ultimately come out the other side better and smarter.

ABOUT THE SONG: “The River” – out now!

“”The River” was once again recorded with my producer Ben Kempel, he works out of an old church from the 1800’s that was converted into his home studio. I don’t actually remember writing the main guitar part, but I found it in my phone’s voice memos titled “FINISH THIS”. So I guess I thought it was good when I came up with it. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to play it again since it’s tuned to open E flat for some reason, maybe I should have put that in the title…but after that the rest of the song came pretty quick. I don’t often talk about what songs are about, because some people will have a connection to the lyrics that may be completely different meaning than what I meant them to be. And I don’t want to ruin that for them. ” – Matthew Ryan Jacobs

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