About Mad Mungus

In 2016, buddy-couple Neil McRae & Warren Jenko started jamming in a vacant house.  Their early jams were rustic and bare, consisting of Neil’s raw vocals and acoustic guitar paired with Warren’s focused and balanced drum attack.  As a duo, they would plant the seeds of the sound of what would become Mad Mungus.  Soon after, Dave Haley joined the group.  A seasoned bass player, Dave brought his unique positivity and thick undertones to the musical recipe.  As their sound continued to develop, they collaborated with Pat Wheeler at Blackdog Studios and recorded their early demos as a trio.  Pat would soon join the band on electric guitar, bringing an air of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity to Mad Mungus.  Forged through the bond of being working-class parents still in the pursuit of artistic expression, the sound of Mad Mungus continues to grow from that early seed of a raw, focused and balanced attack. A solid bedrock upon which unique vocals elevate songs rooted in themes of overcoming adversity and moving from utter despair to a more utopian hereafter.  The Mad Mungus experience, in sound and performance, is rooted in that hope, that seed that continues to grow.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Whoa Love” – out now

“Although it doesn’t come across as your conventional love song – it’s still a love song. It’s about conflict and conflict resolution within a long-term relationship. A simple explanation turned grandiose. And the response that ensues.  A story of controlling love on a backdrop of a cold snowy winter night.  It sways between descending and ascending rhythms while there is a struggle between the narrator and the muse.  The mood is apologetic and somehow, impatient.” – Mad Mungus

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