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Lost Like Lions started in the spring of 2014 when Derrik (Vocals/Guitar) began writing songs right around when his old band broke up. That summer he went out to Los Angeles to record the debut EP The Way of The World, which featured guest vocals from AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer), and Jon Lullo (Down To Earth Approach/The Seams). Shortly after the recording of The Way of The World, Derrik enlisted a lineup including Jamie Bigaj (Guitar) who had played with Derrik in his old band. Unfortunately, that run was short-lived and life got in the way. After only 3 shows the band stopped; the last show being in April of 2015. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, Derrik and Jamie ran into each other at a local music show in their hometown of Buffalo, NY. This is where the first discussions began regarding reforming Lost Like Lions, and led to Derrik writing songs again. Those tracks ultimately ended up being the NAVIGATE EP. Derrik recruited Jamie back, as well as adding Jim Kaczmarski on drums. In the summer of 2019, the band began work on what would become The Devil That You Know EP which was released in the spring of 2020, and would include the single “Enemies”. After following that release up with a string of fun local shows, the band started work on their newest batch of songs in the summer of 2021. Demoing 5 new tracks with producer Chris Flury in Brooklyn, New York, the band took those back to their hometown of Buffalo, New York to finish up what would ultimately become their newest EP Fear of Letting Go, which is due to release in the Spring of 2022.

The first single off of that offering, “Back To Life” is the perfect track to lead this new era of the band, starting off with the lead line “I saw the sunrise, and it brought me back to life”.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Back to Life” – out now

““Back To Life” is the first track off of our upcoming EP Fear of Letting Go. Ironically, it was the last track that we ended up writing before we went out to Brooklyn in July 2021 to start demoing out the new ep! I remember it like it was yesterday- I was sitting in my basement with my guitar (hiding out because it was like 95 degrees out that day haha). I just started playing the opening guitar line to “Back To Life” and thought “Hey, that sounds kind of neat” and then almost immediately after that started humming out what would ultimately end up being the verses. I remember texting Jamie (our guitarist) and was like “I just wrote the intro track to the EP”, and followed it with a phone sound recording of me piecing all of the vocals together. So within about a 45 minute span the whole structure of the song was ready to go. I took it to practice the next day or two, and we started playing it as a band. The demoing process in Brooklyn was a blast. One of my best friends lives out there, who also happens to be who we record about 60 percent of our music with. So in between demoing tracks, there was a whole lot of beer drinking and hanging. We then finished the drums at a local studio in our hometown of Buffalo, NY, and then the vocals at another. It seems like every EP we record we seem to either find ways to make things easier the next go around, or learn something about the songs that we want to do or not do the next time around. I swear, another 3 eps in we will finally master our process.” – Derrik of Lost Like Lions

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