About Lonely Little Kitsch

…just another future song, lonely little kitsch.” – David Bowie “Diamond Dogs”

Lonely Little Kitsch is a two-piece alt-rock band from Niagara, Canada. Kristen Goetz and Nolan Jodes formed the band as a project without boundaries or expectations. As lifelong music fans and self-described “music nerds,” they wanted to create their own brand of alternative music that wasn’t defined by current trends or labels. The result is 100% unabashed, authentic LLK – no trying to fit into a specific genre or sound.

The release of their debut single, “The New Scene” caught an unexpected buzz for the duo, finding placement on CBC Radio across Canada, FM radio including 102.1 The Edge, and even a video feature for NHL games on Sportsnet. Their follow-up, “Monster” saw much of the same press, landing on FM radio and CBC radio all over the country and beyond. Similar to “The New Scene”, this single was also used on Sportsnet to kickoff a Halloween NHL game.

Aside from Lonely Little Kitsch, Kris and Nolan run the music site From the Strait, as well as music PR and marketing through FTS PR. They also run their own indie record label, Swear Word Records.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Stuck In Place” released on April 25th, 2024

On the surface, “Stuck In Place” seems like a song about hating your hometown. But it’s actually about waking up one day and realizing that everyone else has moved on without you. They left to pursue their dreams and passions, while you don’t seem to have any. You’re stuck where you’ve always been, feeling left behind without a purpose or drive.

Musically, I wanted my vocals to have lots of layers and harmonies to fit with Nolan’s guitar riffs. It’s one of our mellower songs, and we aimed for a sort of ethereal, fuzzy feel to it. We started with a 90s-style wall of sound, and Ryan (McDonald) did a wonderful job editing it down to let the song shine through.
– Kristen, Lonely Little Kitsch

“Stuck In Place” is a tune that underwent many transformations – it started as a moody, dark kind of distortion-soaked Jar of Flies – Alice in Chains-era kind of jam… and over time in the studio we changed the key, the tempo, and length to find a sound we felt was authentic Lonely Little Kitsch. Ryan McDonald (The Honest Heart Collective) really helped clean up the song with an incredible mix. When we heard the first playback we knew we were onto something we wanted to share with people – it’s a song that fits somewhere between 90s grunge and 70s Fleetwood Mac… I call it Fleetwood Grunge
– Nolan, Lonely Little Kitsch

Song Credits:
Vocals: Kristen Goetz
Guitar/Vocals: Nolan Jodes
Drums: Waz Jenko
Bass: Dave Haley
Mix: Ryan McDonald
Master: Kristian Montano // Montano Mastering
Released on Swear Word Records

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