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You can’t stop creative people from creating, and lockdown tends to breed new projects. Making the most of the quarantine when the pandemic hit in 2020, Kristen and Nolan spent a lot of time playing around in their music room, creating songs together. What started as a way to pass the time (as evidenced by their first song, “Gus”, about how handsome their dog is), it soon became a more serious project as new songs took shape. The ease of making music together was hard to ignore, and it evolved into an alt-rock project without boundaries or expectations.
Aside from Lonely Little Kitsch, Kris and Nolan run the music site From the Strait, as well as music PR and marketing through FTS PR. They’ve also just launched their indie record label, Swear Word Records.
ABOUT THE SONG: “The New Scene” out on October  __

Put simply, “The New Scene” is an ode to fake people who like to “trend-jump” and try to appeal to new groups of people, over and over. To dig a bit deeper, it’s about the inauthenticity of social media content and the effortlessness of pretending to be someone you’re not.

“Lyrically, it’s pretty straightforward- it outlines a person bandwagon jumping again and again, immersing themselves into whatever new scene they think will gain them the most favour, or following. It’s all about optics, and the false belief that the public is always interested in their new personas. Pair that with a few catchy melodies and Nolan’s rock riffs and addictive bass lines, and that’s “The New Scene””. – Kristen, Lonely Little Kitsch

“Musically speaking “The New Scene” is a buzzsaw. Moving forward – one speed, no stops. There’s no reason to complicate things. We wanted to write a big ol’ rock song to get people moving  – and I think the frenetic guitar paired with Kris’ wonderful melody we were able to (hopefully) do that.” – Nolan, Lonely Little Kitsch

Produced by: Lonely Little Kitsch
Recorded at: Woodbine Manor
Mixed by: Kenneth Roy Meehan
Mastered by: Kristian Montano
Released by: Swear Word Records

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